If you are a resident of Boulder, CO and have been considering replacement windows for your home, now is the perfect time. In Boulder, replacement windows are a great choice for those with older homes, who would like to lower their energy costs and go a bit more “green.”

In our two decades of experience, we’ve seen a lot of new advances in windows. But we believe that the treated glass known as low-E glass is one of the best. This is regular glass with a special coating that reflects heat, instead of absorbing it.

This gives you cost saving benefits both summer and winter. Boulder replacement windows come with heavy demands on them. Partly because of the dramatic Colorado climate with its cold winters and blasting hot summers. And partly because the residents of Boulder are so environmentally conscious.

In Boulder, replacement windows are not usually purchased until many questions have been answered and many important choices have been made. We mentioned the low-E glass. This will keep your house cooler in summer by reflecting the sun’s rays back out of the house. And it will keep you warmer in winter by reflecting your own heat from your furnace back inside, instead of letting it escape through the glass. Both of these savings will be reflected in your heating and cooling bills over the course of the year.


With our two plus decades of experience in Boulder replacement windows, we also know that the style of replacement windows you choose makes a difference as well. Did you know that the more moving parts a window has, the less energy efficient it can be? This means that a single hung window will be more thermally efficient than a double hung window. (Which opens from both the bottom and the top.)

And did you know that while you might have always had wooden window frames in your home, and you love the look of wood, in fact vinyl frames form a better, more durable seal with the glass? This keeps out drafts for many years to come, whereas wood warps, dries out, shrinks and swells with the temperature and humidity. All of these are factors to take into consideration when you are choosing your new Boulder replacement windows.

We hope we have not confused you. If you have questions about which replacement windows are best for your home, your priorities, and your budget, why not give Scottish Home Improvements a call today?