For our many clients in Boulder, replacement windows are something they are extremely interested in for a variety of reasons. Here are just some of the reasons that residents of Boulder buy replacement windows.

1. Home value: Boulder is an expensive area of Colorado and the homeowners there are keenly aware of the value of their property. They want to keep the value by making the appropriate home improvements when needed. Worn, warped, and rattling old windows need to be replaced with new windows if a home is to retain or even enhance its value in a tight market.

2. In Boulder, the people are extremely environmentally conscious. They are concerned with their carbon footprint as well as buying green produces and lowering their energy expenditures. So in Boulder, replacement windows are one of the terrific home improvement options that can save the homeowner money on heating and cooling costs by lowering energy usage.

3. Boulder is a beautiful place with a great combination of lovely old homes and stunning new modern homes. With replacement windows, you can make your home more beautiful, more modern, more unique, depending on the style of windows you choose.


So if you do live in Boulder and replacement windows are on your mind, you’ve come to the right place. Scottish Home Improvements has fifteen years of experience with window replacements and we carry the top brands and styles.

When it comes to styles, did you know that the less moving parts a window has, the greater it’s thermal efficiency will likely be? This means that a single hung window will be more efficient than a double hung window.

And did you know that for Boulder, replacement windows containing specially treated low-E glass can give a single pane the thermal efficiency of a double pane, or more? The low-E (low emissivity) glass reflects heat. This means it reflects the sun’s heat away from your windows during the hot, dry Boulder summers. You house will automatically stay cooler, requiring less output from your AC system. In winter, the low-E glass also insulates your home better, allowing less to escape through the window.

When it comes to Boulder replacement windows, the right combination of frame material, style, and choice of glass can mean a big difference in your energy bills. If you would like more information about replacing any or all of the windows in your Boulder home, why not give us a call today? We’d be happy to discuss which windows might best suit your needs, offer a bid, and answer any questions you might have.