Casement Windows

Casement windows are attached to their frames via  hinges on the sides. Casement windows can include one or more panes within the same frame and generally open outward with the use of a lever or crank handle.

(Windows that are hinged at the top and open outward and upward are known as awning windows.)


Advantages of Casement Windows in Denver

Although not as common as single hung or even double hung windows, casement windows still have a place in the modern Colorado home.

  • Out of all the common window choices, a casement window will open the widest, allowing the most fresh air into a room. The angle of the open window can even aid in ventilation, in effect “catching” the wind.>
  • The internal crank handle provides an easier way to open a window, perfect for windows installed in hard to reach areas such as above a sink or behind a wide counter.
  • They are the second most efficient style of window, after fixed (non-opening) windows. Casement windows are known to close tighter than regular windows, thereby leaking less air and making your home more energy efficient as well as more airy and beautiful.
  • A row of casement windows can even add a bay window type effect to your home, for less money.