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Scottish Home Improvements is proud to offer all three categories of composite siding for our Denver clients. Composite siding delivers high performance and competitive pricing. Composite siding is characterized as a siding solution that is made up of different materials in order to optimize performance and durability. Homeowners and business owners can take advantage of composite siding.

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Types of Composite Siding

There are three categories of composite siding:

  • Engineered wood: Engineered wood composite siding is often created from wood materials that have been mixed with various binders and fillers. Once the proprietary materials are combined, it’s often heated and then pressed into siding boards. A decorative layer is also bonded to the exterior of the board, often mimicking wood, stucco, and other textures. Engineered wood composite siding offers a less expensive option when compared to traditional wood siding and offers higher durability and fewer maintenance requirements.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic composite siding features a solid-core vinyl product that typically is formulated with a polymer mixture, rigid-core backing, insulation, and thermal barrier coating. Acrylic composite siding is renowned for its impact resistance, noise reduction, high durability, as well as insulating qualities. This siding solution is comparable to the high-end range of vinyl siding.
  • Fiber cement: Fiber cement siding is categorized as a composite siding product since it is engineered from a mixture of Portland cement, sand, water, and cellulose that’s steam-heated then formed into siding planks. Fiber cement siding offers high resistance to moisture, impact, termites, and pests. This noncombustible product requires less maintenance than wood siding.
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Engineered Wood Composite Siding Options for Denver Homes

Engineered wood composite siding offers homeowners and business owners a highly durable product that costs about 50% less than traditional wood siding. With lower maintenance needs, this is a great option for homes throughout the Denver metro area.

  • Collins Products TruWood® Siding: This family-owned siding company offers a sustainable option that delivers beautiful curb appeal and long-term durability. Treated with its Ecoguard® process, TruWood® has a high resistance to mildew, rot, and termite damage. 

TruWood® Designer Shake Lap Siding Spec Sheet
TruWood® Panel Siding Spec Sheet
TruWood® Cottage Lap Siding Spec Sheet

  • Georgia-Pacific Plytanium® Plywood: Plytanium® plywood delivers great durability, impact resistance, as well as performance. Great for residential and commercial properties, Plytanium® plywood is a sheathing material available for walls and roofing. 

Plytanium® Plywood Siding Safety Data Sheet
Plytanium® Plywood Siding Warranty
Plytanium® Plywood Siding Specifications

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Acrylic Composite Siding Choices for Your Denver Residence

Acrylic composite siding offers a cost-effective siding solution for homeowners looking for something in the vinyl siding price range. With higher durability and typically costing in the high-end range of vinyl siding, acrylic composite siding can be a great option for Denver homes.

  • Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding: With a UV-stable acrylic polymer, Everlast® composite siding features fade resistance in addition to low maintenance requirements and high resistance to water, bowing, and pests. 

Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding Brochure
Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding Care and Maintenance
Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding Warranty

  • Cedar Ridge® Siding: CedarRidge® composite siding offers high insulation and noise reduction benefits. This energy efficient solution is comparable to other insulated vinyl siding options.

Cedar Ridge® Siding Brochure
Cedar Ridge® Siding Warranty

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Fiber Cement Siding for Denver Residential and Commercial Properties

Fiber cement siding has always been one of our top recommendations for homes and businesses due to its incredible durability, sustainability, and fire retardance. As the first-rated elite preferred James Hardie® contractor, we really stand by their climate-specific siding product. We offer a full range of fiber cement siding and are happy to find the right option for your property. Learn more about fiber cement siding. 

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Scottish Home Improvements specializes in composite siding, understanding in-depth product knowledge regarding the benefits of each proprietary component. We’re here to make your siding project stress-free and highly informed. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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