Siding Glossary


Whether you’re in the market for new siding or are buying a new house, chances are that you’ll come across a term or two that you’re unfamiliar with. In order to make the most informed decision, you’ll need to understand common siding terms. We’ve created a glossary of commonly-used terms.

Common Siding Terms


Batten is a strip of wood that seals joints within wood siding. Modern board and batten siding characterizes older wood siding that has both boards and battens in order to fill the gaps in between. Battens are smaller counterparts that fit in between.


This refers to the bottom portion of a vinyl siding panel which locks into a previously-installed panel. Buttlocks keep your siding from shifting.


The term course is used to characterize one row of siding that runs the length of the exterior wall. Multiple courses of siding are needed in order to clad an exterior wall.

4.Face Nail

A face nail is installed by putting nails via the face of the siding. This exposes the nails instead of hiding them.



Flashing is a piece of metal that’s installed above windows and doors in order to prevent water from entering your home.


Short for “overlap”, lap is a type of horizontal siding. When one siding panel overlaps another, this is referred to as a lap joint. Laps are required in order to conceal the nails that fasten siding to the exterior of your property.


The area of your roofline where it meets the exterior wall is referred to as soffit. Soffits will typically have ventilation in order to allow the right amount of airflow to come and go. They also work to prevent water from penetrating your property.


8.Starter Strip

The starter strip is the piece that secures the first course or panel of siding to the wall.


Also referred to as furring strips, strapping is characterized as a piece of wood or metal which is placed on the home’s exterior wall in order to attach siding to it.

10.Weep Holes

Weep holes are the tiny holes engineered on the bottom edge of your siding. These are required in order to allow condensation to run off from your siding. The weep holes mitigate water buildup between your siding and backerboard.

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