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Scottish Home Improvements is proud to partner with local stone siding manufacturer Sunset Stone to provide homeowners in Colorado with the most beautiful and natural looking stone siding and stonework in the country. When you partner with us for your Denver residing project, you’ll have complete access to Sunset Stone’s extensive product line of premium natural stone and stone veneer siding. Choose from classic options like brick and cobblestone or opt for the natural beauty of river rock to add a touch of countryside charm to your exterior. Whatever your decision, we’re here to help you create the home of your dreams!


About Sunset Stone

Sunset Stone is a siding manufacturer based in Castle Rock, Colorado that specializes in the production of stone siding and accents. This family owned company was founded in 1970 and has over 45 years of industry experience. In addition to offering top of the line stone siding products, Sunset Stone prides themselves in their ability to provide outstanding customer service to their clients. Being a small company gives them the ability to be flexible as well as focused and provide dedicated service and short lead times.


Sunset Stone Siding & Stonework Options

When you choose Sunset Stone and Scottish Home Improvements for your residing project, you’ll have access an extensive amount of choices and customization options including:

  • Manufactured brick: Choose from either tumbled or straight edge styles to get just the right look.
  • Manufactured stone: Take your pick from eleven different types of manufactured stone to create the home of your dreams.
  • Natural stone: Natural veneer stone brings the beauty of nature straight to your doorstep.
  • Stone accents: Accessorize your home and place accents accordingly to highlight certain architectural features.
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Choosing a Stone Siding In Colorado

When you are trying to choose between stone siding products for your home here in Colorado, it truly can be a daunting task.  There really is no “wrong” choice though. Because, when it comes down to it, natural stone veneer and manufactured cultured stone veneer are both great choices for certain situations.  Having a siding expert like us here at Scottish Home Improvements, to guide you through the decision-making process is a great way to make sure you choose a siding (of any kind) that is right for your Denver/Metro home.  However, to begin with, why don’t we help you understand the difference between each choice. 

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The Difference Between Natural Stone And Manufactured Stone

To begin with, Natural stone siding is actually made from real stone that comes from a quarry. Earth.  Huge pieces of various types of stones are sliced into thin profiles to create something called a “veneer”.  This means that natural stones have imperfections, various textures, and variations in tones. All of these are desirable to a degree because they give your siding a natural look that many homeowners crave.  that has formed over thousands of years. Manufactured stone is, as the name implies, man-made.  It is designed to look like natural stone but sometimes lacks the variety of textures and imperfections that make natural stone so beautiful. It is made with a mix of concrete and other aggregate materials, which are pressed into molds to create a veneer-like product as well.  While the two materials look almost the same from far away, close up, one can generally tell which material is natural and which is manufactured.  Furthermore, there are some pros and cons of each stone siding material that are key for consumers to know to choose between the two.

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Pros And Cons Of Manufactured And Natural Stone Siding


Manufactured Stone Siding: In today’s day and age, manufactured stone sidings/veneers are more realistic than ever–especially from further away. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors for homeowners to choose from, which makes matching existing siding a breeze.  However, when you get very close to manufactured stone siding, the repeating patterns of stones do become more obvious.

Natural Stone Siding: Since natural stone siding is a quarried product, no two stones are the same on the siding.  This means, you obviously won’t see repeating patterns of stones of any sort. It also means the textures, colors, and striations you get are rich and beautiful.  This means that the appearance of natural stone, siding, up close, simply cannot be matched by faux brands. 


It would seem that the difference in cost between natural and manufactured stone is huge–since one is quarried and one is made.  However, you will probably find the cost to be rather close. This is because, as man-made cultured veneers begin looking more and more realistic, the high-quality manufactured costs more.  Over time the costs of two have been creeping closer and closer. However, the maintenance cost of natural stone is usually less because it can be pressure washed from time to time, as opposed to manufactured stone siding needing to be hand scrubbed regularly.


Probably the most important consideration between man-made and natural stone siding is how durable each of them are. Happily, both products are considered to be durable, however, they do have slightly different performances in the durability arena.

Natural Stone Siding: Since natural stone siding is less porous, the stone itself is more durable.  It won’t fade or rot and stands up to sunlight quite well. The issues with natural stone siding almost always arise with the materials with which it is bonded and secured,

Manufactured Stone Siding:  Since manufactured stone cladding is usually tinted with paints and dyes, you do run the risk of fading.  Especially here in Colorado where the UV index is high. Also, manufactured stone can deteriorate in short order outside when exposed to natural elements such as rain, sunlight, dirt, and wind.  While this doesn’t exclude manufactured stone siding from outdoor applications, one should consider it’s vulnerability to elements outside before having it installed. 


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