Milgard Windows in Denver: Glass Packages

Scottish Home Improvements offers a variety of glass packages for homeowners interested in Milgard Windows in Denver. We know that every home is different. Needs vary greatly from one family and home to the next due to differences in architecture, design, and building materials. That’s why when it comes to window replacement for your Denver home, we offer you a variety of options to meet your needs and so does Milgard. Milgard makes it easy for you and your family to get the results you need by offering a wide range of glass packages, including low-e glass, triple glazing, and 4th surface.


Low-E Glass

Low-e (or low emissivity) glass is glass that has been treated with a specialized coating that’s designed to improve window energy efficiency. Low-e technology controls which spectrums of light are able to pass through your windows and blocks out uv rays as well as infrared heart to make indoor temperatures more stable and comfortable. Because modern low-e technology now works year round, homeowners with Milgard low-e windows enjoy lower summer energy bills as well as a reduction in winter heating costs.

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SunCoat Low E2

SunCoat Low E2 is the standard glass that comes on all Milgard double pane windows and patio doors. SunCoat uses an ultra thin low-e coating that’s designed to reflect heat outward during the summer and trap it indoors during the winter. This effect results in more even and consistent indoor temperatures, lower energy costs year round, and improved indoor comfort for you and your family. In addition, SunCoat also blocks out 84% of uv radiation, protecting your furniture and flooring from fading.

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SunCoatMax Low E3

SunCoatMax Low E3 is Milgard’s top of the line low-e glass product. It’s designed to improve window clarity and energy efficiency. Similar to SunCoat Low E2, SunCoatMax Low E3 glass goes above and beyond traditional two coat low-e glass, allowing you to experience total comfort and lower energy costs in your home year round. It’s the ideal solution for homeowners living in dual climate regions like Denver where the weather varies greatly year round. And it’s created with a smart uv blocking technology that protects your home and family from the high altitude sun.


4th Surface

Milgard’s 4th Surface option takes the power of a double glazed window and amplifies it tremendously to provide the energy efficient performance of triple pane windows. 4th Surface windows have a triple oxide coating that’s applied to the interior side of the window and is backed by a low-e coating on the inside surface of the glass. This smart design enhances the u-factor of the window to make it more energy efficient during both the summer and winter. In addition, 4th Surface windows are also less reflective than triple glazing windows and provide better window clarity.


Learn More About Milgard Windows for Your Denver Home

Start exploring your options for replacement windows today. Call Denver’s Scottish Home Improvements to speak to an expert about glass packages and Milgard window options for your Denver, Colorado home.

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