Cost vs. Value of using James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding in Colorado

This is the 8th year that James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding has won the #1 spot for Return on Investment when compared to other home improvement projects.


James Hardie® Siding Increases the Value of your Colorado Home

Let’s explain that in a bit more detail. While there are many  projects and improvements that can increase the overall value of your home, Denver, Colorado home improvement contractors know that replacing your home’s siding with the James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding provides you with the best bang for your buck.


Here’s why:

~ Fiber cement siding gives you a better return on investment than adding another bathroom! (Although your teenage daughter might not agree.)
~ Moderate renovations to your kitchen give you a 10% lower return on your investment than fiber cement return (Although your spouse might argue the point.)
~ Dollar for dollar, adding another bedroom or two has a 23% lower return than fiber cement siding (But don’t try to convince your in-laws.)


There are a lot of other benefits to James Hardie Siding, including:

~ In Colorado’s harsh winters, fiber cement siding acts as another layer of insulation against the extreme cold, lowering your heating costs and making everyone more comfortable. (We think everyone in the family will get on board with this one.)

~“James Hardie® siding products are Engineered for Climate® to resist the harshest weather conditions including UV levels, wind, rain, pests and heat.” (In other words, you won’t have to think about replacing for quite a long time!)


Other Benefits Include:

~ Non combustible — although the manufacturer cannot guarantee this siding will protect your home from fire, the siding itself will not burn. James Hardie® products will not ignite when exposed to direct flame; therefore they will not  contribute any fuel to an existing fire. (Safety first!)


~ Green — the materials used to make James Hardie® Siding are wholly sustainable. At the same time, they incorporate low toxicity natural ingredients and last longer than other products. (This is more and more important to Colorado families.)

An industry publication, Remodeling Magazine generates a Cost vs. Value Report which has compared costs for remodeling projects with the value they add to a home at resale. For the past 8 years in a row (2004-2012) James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding has won, over and beyond any other siding manufacturer or type of siding (vinyl, cedar, aluminum, etc).

Projects* 2009 Rank 2008 Rank 2007 Rank 2006 Rank 2005 Rank
Siding Replacement—Fiber Cement 1 1 1 1 1
Siding Replacement—Foam Back Vinyl 6 4 7 9 4
Minor Kitchen Remodel 7 5 4 4 3
Mid Range Bathroom Remodel 14 11 6 4 2
Mid Range Roof Replacement 18 22 22 18 17

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