Siding FAQ

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Siding FAQ

Scottish Home Improvements has been providing comprehensive siding replacement for residential and commercial properties throughout the Denver metro area for almost 20 years. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding siding! If you don’t find an answer to what you’re looking for, please contact us!


General Siding FAQ for Denver Properties

Is a full siding replacement our only option after a severe hail storm? 

Depending on the severity, your property may be eligible for a partial siding replacement. Our partial siding replacement services ensure perfect color matching, addressing all damaged areas of your exterior siding. A full siding replacement may be required for severe hail damage.

We’re planning on selling our home, but it’s lacking curb appeal. Is siding replacement a good investment for selling our property?

Siding replacement is definitely a significant investment, but this decision does increase the property value of your home and can lead to more interest in your home as well as a better sales price. Partial siding replacement and accents are also options to consider that are more affordable and can improve your curb appeal. If your siding is damaged, there’s a good chance that homeowner’s insurance will cover some of the costs. Replacing damaged siding is definitely necessary for selling your home. Scottish Home Improvements also offers great financing options that can help with this investment.

Out of all the different siding options available, what siding material do you recommend for Denver properties?

Every siding material has its own set of pros and cons. Our favorite siding material that offers comprehensive protection for Denver properties is fiber cement. Fiber cement delivers high resistance to impact, moisture, termites, fungal decay, pests, and is a noncombustible product. As the top-rated elite preferred James Hardie® contractor in Colorado, we stand by their premium siding for addressing the Colorado elements.


Do I need to paint or prep my property prior to siding installation?

No painting or preparation is required on your end prior to siding installation. Depending on the siding material, we’ll either install the siding directly over your existing siding or we’ll remove your existing siding and replace it.

What about my soffits and eaves? Do these need to be replaced during siding replacement?

We recommend replacing soffits and eaves during your siding replacement in order to make sure all elements on your exterior match. This is especially true if your soffits are already damaged– we’ll want to replace those during siding replacement to ensure your property is fully protected.

What are the maintenance requirements for my new siding?

Each siding material requires different levels of maintenance and care. Our siding experts are happy to provide you will all the necessary information regarding the proper care of your new siding.

What happens if my siding becomes damaged?

Scottish Home Improvements does offer siding repair and partial replacements. In most cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of damage so make sure to contact them and start the claim’s process. We’re happy to evaluate the damage and provide you with all of your options.

Can siding replacement improve my property’s energy efficiency?

Siding replacement typically improves energy efficiency. There are definitely insulated siding options that offer more money-saving benefits. If energy efficiency is one of your top priorities, let us know and we’ll show you all the different options for lowering energy consumption.

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Can I really justify paying more for a quality siding replacement job?

When it comes to siding replacement, the majority is due to product failure or improper application. Improper siding installation often invalidates manufacturer warranty, making it crucial to find the right siding contractor with proven experience and integrity. We follow all the best practice installation guidelines given by each manufacturer and offer a limited 5-year warranty on our workmanship.

How long does siding replacement take? 

The timeline for siding replacement depends on many variables including property size and siding material. Generally, the entire process will last between 4-12 weeks. Once siding replacement work has begun at your property, this step will take one week or less.

What happens to my landscaping during my siding replacement project? 

Scottish Home Improvements values our client’s landscaping and will find every way to ensure no damage occurs. We practice thorough property cleaning at the end of each day and perform an intensive cleanup once the job is completed. We’ll use shop vacuums and magnets to remove any stray nails or debris from your surrounding property. Your sales contact is your project manager, ensuring there’s no ambiguity regarding your expectations.

Does siding replacement affect the interior of my home? 

Siding replacement will not impact the interior of your home. In some cases, siding replacement may crack the exterior caulking of your windows. If the exterior caulking of your windows becomes damaged as a result, we will recaulk and provide color matching. In even rarer cases, the interior caulking of your windows may be affected. We’ll also reseal the interior caulking but don’t offer color matching for interior damage.

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Can new siding help with noise reduction? 

There are siding options that offer soundproofing benefits. If you live on a busy road or near a loud establishment, we’re happy to show you all your options in helping mitigate excessive noise.

How can I tell if my siding needs replacement?

There are numerous signs that indicate your siding needs replacement, including the appearance of fungus, obvious separation of seams, swelling, delaminating, caulking failure, warped appearance, paint failure, moisture on the inside of your property, and more.

Can I replace my siding during the winter?

Scottish Home Improvements has successfully completed countless winter siding replacement projects. Siding replacement during the winter is actually quicker than summer projects.

How much will it cost to replace the siding of my property?

Since every siding material has a different price point and every property is unique, we’re unable to provide an accurate answer without an on-site consultation. We’re happy to provide complimentary consultations and can deliver accurate pricing after discussing siding materials and seeing your property for exact measurements.

fiber cement siding denver faq

Fiber Cement Siding FAQ for Denver Properties

What is fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding is a manufactured siding option made from cement, wood fiber, sand, and other proprietary components. Fiber cement siding is available in numerous aesthetics, mimicking the appearance of wood, stucco, masonry, and more. Fiber cement is also available in large format panels and smooth textures.

How long does fiber cement siding last for Denver properties?

Fiber cement siding is one of the more durable siding options due to its high resistance to Colorado’s severe weather elements. Many fiber cement siding options are warranted for as long as 50 years.

Is fiber cement siding a sustainable option?

Fiber cement siding is a more sustainable option when compared to traditional vinyl and other siding materials. Fiber cement siding often requires less maintenance and replacement when compared to other siding options. Many fiber cement companies utilize non-toxic materials and recycled materials for their fiber cement siding products.

How often does fiber cement siding require painting?

Fiber cement siding typically needs to be painted every 4-5 years depending on the top coat applied. Many fiber cement siding options come with pre-finished options that have high UV resistance. For instance, James Hardie® ColorPlus® technology eliminates the need for painting. 

Nichiha Premium Siding Finishing for Colorado Homes

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Vinyl Siding FAQ for Denver Homes

What is vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is one of the more popular siding options in the United States due to affordability and versatility in aesthetics. Vinyl siding consists of two layers– the top layer uses titanium dioxide for coloration and UV protection while the second layer contains limestone for decreased costs. Vinyl siding can mimic numerous materials and is also available in insulated options.

Does vinyl siding require maintenance?

Vinyl siding requires lower maintenance than other siding options. Vinyl siding should be washed at least once a year. It does not require painting and is often easy to replace if damaged.

How long does vinyl siding last?

Vinyl siding typically lasts between 20 to 40 years depending on thickness and weather constraints. Vinyl siding can crack in extremely cold weather, making it crucial for Denver homeowners to periodically check on their siding during winter months. Vinyl siding is also susceptible to warping and discoloration under extreme heat.

Do you recommend vinyl siding for Denver homes?

Scottish Home Improvements recommends vinyl siding for properties valued under $250,000. Vinyl siding is a great affordable option that offers endless design opportunities. For homeowners looking for a budget-friendly option, vinyl could be a great choice. Insulated vinyl siding is typically 20% to 50% more expensive than traditional vinyl– researching other siding materials for this price point may be beneficial for your property.

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Wood Siding FAQ for Denver Homes and Businesses

What is wood siding?

Wood siding is siding manufactured from wood. Different wood species are available, with cedar being one of the more popular options. Cedar has natural pest and moisture resistance properties that offer less maintenance than other wood siding options. Wood siding, in general, requires more maintenance than other siding options.

How long can wood siding last?

Wood siding typically lasts around 20 years. Cedar siding can last for 25+ years, offering a more durable wood species. The proper application of a finish coat can allow wood siding to last for decades.

Is wood siding expensive?

Wood siding is usually considered in the mid to high price range. There is a lot of maintenance required for wood siding, leading to more costs which is something to be considered.

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Steel Siding FAQ for Denver Homes and Businesses

What is steel siding? 

Steel siding is a popular siding alternative that’s manufactured from steel. Steel siding offers higher durability than aluminum and other metal siding options.

Does steel siding rust?

Steel siding is actually galvanized which means that there’s a protective layer of zinc that’s added to the surface. This process prevents steel siding from rust and corrosion.

Can steel siding dent easily?

Hail damage is a prevalent issue among Denver properties. Steel siding is highly durable and provides great impact resistance against hail, dents, wind, and other severe weather. Most steel siding manufacturers offer a comprehensive impact-resistance warranty.

How long can steel siding last?

If properly maintained, steel siding can actually last up to 50 years. Galvanized steel is impressively durable and many manufacturers offer great warranties backing this siding option.

Can steel siding be too shiny?

Steel siding manufacturers often replicate other siding materials for aesthetic purposes. Steel siding can mimic authentic wood grain and vary in appearance. Steel siding often isn’t shiny at all.

Is steel siding expensive?

Steel siding is usually available at a premium price. There are a few manufacturers that offer more cost-effective pricing.

Do you recommend steel siding for Denver homes?

Scottish Home Improvements does recommend steel siding for Denver homes. Its high durability provides excellent protection for both homes and businesses. The fade-resistant technology also delivers impressive long-term curb appeal.

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Siding FAQ for Denver Commercial Properties

Does Scottish offer commercial siding services?

Yes, we offer comprehensive commercial siding services from siding repair to full siding replacement.

Do you have specific commercial siding solutions?

Many siding solutions used for residential properties can also be used for commercial properties. We also offer large format fiber cement siding panels, stucco alternative siding panels, and much more for commercial properties. We work will all the leading commercial siding manufacturers to provide the exact aesthetic and durability you’re looking for.

Is there a siding material you recommend for commercial properties?

We like to recommend fiber cement or steel siding for commercial properties due to their unmatched durability and low maintenance requirements. Commercial property owners require high durability and low maintenance in addition to improved aesthetics– both fiber cement and steel can meet those standards.

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