LP® SmartSide® Siding Colors for Denver, CO

Take a few moments to browse our color gallery and see examples of all the options available with LP SmartSide Siding Colors for your Denver property. LP SmartSide is now available in 16 versatile prefinished colors. The ExpertFinish color collection offers durability for years along with a factory finish with acrylic latex paint.

lp smartside siding colors denver
lp smartside siding snowscape white denver

Snowscape White

This classic, pure white prefinished siding color offers a bright, welcoming feel for homes. Perfect when paired with similar colored trim or darker trim for a bold contrast.

lp smartside desert stone siding denver

Desert Stone

For a sophisticated neutral siding color, Desert Stone provides a stylish option for both residential and commercial properties. Beautiful when paired with off-white trim. 

lp smartside desert stone siding denver

Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes is a warmer neutral tone that’s highly popular among residential neighborhoods throughout the state of Colorado. It pairs beautifully with white and darker brown colored trim.

lp smartside quarry gray siding denver

Quarry Gray

For a lighter, neutral siding color with cooler tones, Quarry Gray is a wonderful choice. Enjoy a versatile option that can be paired with a wide variety of colored trim.

lp smartside shoreline cream siding denver

Shoreline Cream

Shoreline Cream offers a rich cream color that’s perfect for homes that want light siding but don’t enjoy the aesthetic of pure white. It is especially stunning when paired with pure white trim.

lp smartside marshland moss siding denver

Marshland Moss

For neutral lovers that enjoy a green undertone, Marshland Moss is the perfect option for your home. The light neutral siding color can be paired with many trim colors and styles.

lp smartside prairie clay siding denver

Praire Clay

This soft neutral embodies the aesthetic of clay, providing a light earthy color for homes and businesses. This versatile color can also be paired with many different trim colors.

lp smartside terra brown siding denver

Terra Brown

For a soft, terracotta-inspired siding color, this Terra Brown provides an inviting, warm option for homes. Create bold contrast with bright white or red trim.

lp smartside timberland suede siding denver

Timberland Suede

This classic, neutral gray-brown delivers a beautiful siding choice for both homes and businesses. It pairs well with numerous trim colors and architectural styles as well.

lp smartside canyon brown siding denver

Canyon Brown

For a richer brown tone that adds serious warmth to your property, Canyon Brown is an excellent option. Achieve stunning contrast when paired with white trim.

lp smartside redwood red siding denver

Redwood Red

This rich red-toned brown siding color offers a bold statement perfect for highlighting architectural interest. Create beautiful curb appeal for both traditional and contemporary-style homes.

lp smartside tundra gray siding denver

Tundra Gray

This mid-toned gray siding option works well among many residential neighborhoods throughout the Denver metro area. Enjoy a popular color that can be paired with endless trim options.

lp smartside cavern steel siding denver

Cavern Steel

For a more dramatic look, this darker gray with deep cool, blue tones fits the bill. Make a statement with this rich siding color.

lp smartside summit blue siding denver

Summit Blue

The gray-toned deep blue mimics the romantic look of the ocean closer to nightfall. Enjoy a stunning siding color that works well with both light and dark trim options.

lp smartside rapids blue siding denver

Rapids Blue

Rapids Blue is a more royal blue hue that promotes a bold statement perfect for any home throughout the state of Colorado. It is especially stunning when paired with a pure white trim.

lp smartside abyss black siding denver

Abyss Black

Achieve a highly contemporary look with this matte black siding color. Perfectly modern when paired with matching colored trim.

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