Siding in Denver: Comparing the Top Brands


Comparing James Hardie® to Alternative Siding Options

At Scottish Home Improvements, we truly want the best for our clients. We believe that as your siding contractor, it’s our job to make sure that you’re educated about all aspects of your project, including your siding options. While there are many different types of siding out there, the one that we recommend the most is James Hardie® fiber cement siding. In our experience, James Hardie® fiber cement siding is one of the best options for Denver area homes in terms of both performance and durability. While other siding choices may seem like vinyl or wood may seem appealing due to their price or appearance, it’s important to take into consideration the risks of installing these less durable options. There are many fiber cement products that can achieve the same beautiful appearance without causing the worries of expensive maintenance or potential damage to your home.


James Hardie® Products vs. Vinyl Siding

Since vinyl is relatively inexpensive, it’s often the first choice for owners of multifamily properties and investment homes. However, because vinyl is not nearly as durable as other options like fiber cement, it can also be more easily dented and damaged and costs from repairs and maintenance can add up quickly over the lifetime of a home. Melting, cracking, and warping are all common problems that occur with vinyl sided homes.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding is not only more durable than vinyl, but it’s also more aesthetically pleasing, a factor that can be quite beneficial in terms of boosting the resale value of a home or property. In addition, fiber cement is also thicker than vinyl and therefore has deeper grooves and a more authentic wood-like appearance.


James Hardie® Products vs. Wood Siding

Many people find wood siding charming because of it’s natural, rustic appearance. However, when homeowners discover the high level of upkeep that’s required for maintaining wood, they are typically disappointed. Wood siding is particularly vulnerable to moisture and therefore must be inspected and cleaned regularly to prevent it from rotting or molding. In addition, wood siding can be problematic for homes located in mountain, plains, or forest areas because it can catch fire very easily.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding and trim products are a great alternative to wood siding because they’re more durable but equally just as aesthetically pleasing. Unlike wood, James Hardie® fiber cement will not crack, fade, or deteriorate over time and is also fire, moisture, and weather resistant.

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James Hardie® Products vs. Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is often sought after due to its appearance and durability. Traditional stucco siding can definitely offer numerous advantages including reduced sound transmissions as well as fire retardance. Stucco also has a great resistance to rot, mildew, and molds, offering easy maintenance and longevity. One of the major downfalls of stucco siding is the cost– stucco is significantly more expensive than fiber cement siding. It requires higher expenses in labor as well due to the numerous layers that need to be applied. Another disadvantage of stucco is that it can only tolerate moisture up to a certain point, making it not ideal for Denver properties. Stucco can also crack in the event of an earthquake.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding is a great alternative to stucco due to price point, durability, and moisture resistance. James Hardie® even offer stucco-like siding options that provide the same look and feel. Fiber cement siding offers a noncombustible material for higher fire resistance and is engineered to tolerate extreme temperature fluxations and moisture exposure. With better durability and more attractive price point, Denver property owners can take advantage of James Hardie®’s stucco alternatives.

James Hardie Stucco HardiePanel Product Description
James Hardie Stucco Vertical Siding Product Description

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James Hardie® Products vs. Steel Siding

Steel siding has some major advantages especially nowadays with the improved available aesthetic options. Steel siding has always provided fire resistance in addition to incredible resistance to pests, termites, fungal decay, and more. With steel siding options that mimic the appearance of wood grain, Denver homeowners have begun turning to this siding solution for improved curb appeal. Steel siding does have its own drawbacks. All metal siding is subject to denting if stuck with sufficient force. Steel siding that’s been scratched also requires immediate painting or it can fall victim to rust. With enough moisture exposure, steel siding is still susceptible to rust which is definitely something to consider here in Colorado.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding offers the same benefits of steel siding without the risk of denting or rust. With even easier maintenance requirements, fiber cement siding offers a great way to address all of these issues. James Hardie® may offer a better price point as well, delivering an all-in-one siding solution for Denver homes and businesses.


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