With awning windows, Denver homeowners can add a whole new look to their home, and perhaps even greater functionality in terms of air flow. When we get rain here on the Front Range, it is frequently torrential and accompanied by strong gusts of wind. This requires homeowners to close their windows to avoid soaking their homes. And it can make things very hot, stuffy, muggy, and unpleasant in the house.

Before we go any further, if you do a Google search, you will find that the term “awning windows” refers to two separate products. One is a window with an actual small awning over it. But the type of awning window Denver customers are coming to us for is a window that opens outward on a hinge. In other words, instead of opening straight up and down, it actually moves out, away from the frame at an angle.

With this type of awning windows, Denver residents can keep their windows open even in the most torrential thunderstorms imaginable. This can keep your home cool without the need for turning on the air conditioning and can add to air flow in the house.

Awning Windows Denver

As with all of the replacement windows that Scottish Home Improvements install, your awning windows can come with different kinds of frames, from the traditional wood to the newer vinyl. You will have the same choices of glass for your awning windows, including the popular energy saving low-E glass that you might have been interested in.

And awning windows can come in any size or shape to replace any windows in your home. We have even installed replacement awning windows in Denver transom windows that were originally non-functional. But the homeowners wanted more air flow, which was easily achieved by replacing the original transoms with awning style windows. (Of course, this would not be practical if your transoms are too high on the walls to easily reach.)

And awning windows also come with a wide variety of hardware for opening and closing the windows. They definitely give a different look to a home. However, they are probably not ideal for every window, as the degree of opening might not be as much as you have now with your ordinary double or single hung windows. However, if you have a window that you really like to keep open, regardless of wind, rain, or hail — perhaps your kitchen window over the sink? – then awning windows make a perfect solution.

Any questions about awning windows, Denver? Please call us if you do. At Scottish Home Improvements, customer service is the name of our game. We’d be happy to answer any questions and give you a quote for your new, replacement awning windows.