Is your siding old, tired, or falling apart? If so, Scottish Home Improvements can help. With a wide variety of materials, styles, and colors to choose from, we install siding that will be the perfect fit and perfect look for any home.

Many people have never actually had to buy siding in their lives. So when they do, they don’t know very much about the products currently on the market and don’t know the pros or cons of each type. For homeowners in Colorado Springs, siding is a major investment. When it comes time to put down a substantial amount of money on a product one knows little about, that can be a source of anxiety. After all, we all want to get the best possible product for our money. One that will be durable, protect our home from the elements in the most efficient way, and require little to no maintenance.

But in Colorado Springs, siding has some major challenges it must meet. We are talking about the climate, which can be quite harsh. Blazing sun, blasting hail, bitter cold, and on and on. You need siding which will stand up to the elements without taking a beating . . . and showing it!

So which kind of siding is the best for your home or commercial property? That’s where we can help. As a siding contractor here in Colorado for over twenty years, we know pretty much everything there is to know about all types of siding materials, how to best install them, and which ones might best meet your needs.


Let’s talk siding!

Even today, for many in Colorado Springs, siding still means traditional wood. That might be what your house has right now. And if so, you already know that while wood looks beautiful at first, it requires frequent repainting. It can rot, split, buckle, and of course, burn in a fire. So perhaps there is a better option?

What if you don’t want to repaint? What if you don’t want to give woodpeckers and termites a good meal? What if you want something that will look great for years to come, and not fade in the Colorado sun? Not dry out, split, or rot in the Colorado dryness or the Colorado snows?
We have several great alternatives to traditional wood for Colorado Springs siding. Vinyl, fiber cement, and steel are some of the other materials that are popular for siding today. But which one is best for you?

If you have questions or would like to receive a quote for your Colorado Springs siding project, please contact Scottish Home Improvements today!