Are you considering replacement windows for your Denver or other Colorado home? Are you thinking if trying out a whole different style of windows? We’d like to suggest awning windows, Denver homeowners!

Awning windows are not windows with awnings attached over them on the exterior of the house, although those do exist. The kind of awning windows we are talking about are hinged at the top so that they open up and out, sometimes with a lever or a crank. So in a sense, it’s the window itself that creates the awning effect.

With awning windows, Denver residents can keep their windows open even in the most dramatic rain storms, without the water entering the house. When it rains here, it really pours. Have you ever had the situation of being forced to close the windows during a wild summer rain storm, and then sweltering in the house? Or gusts of wind so strong that you need to close the windows to keep things from blowing around? And then sweltering in the airless house while you wait for the gusts to die down? Both of these are common scenarios in Denver area homes, with our sometimes dramatic climate extremes. Awning windows solve the problem handily. You can leave them open without the rain or the gusts coming through.

Awning Windows Denver

When it comes to awning windows, you probably will only want them in certain places in your home. They don’t open as wide as a casement or regular window will. They can have screens, though, just like any other window to keep out the mosquitoes and other bugs.

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Awning windows, Denver area homes: a great combination? If you love to keep the windows open, awning windows are a great solution. They will also give your windows a different sort of a look that you might enjoy, that can add some character to a room. They are available with vinyl window frames or traditional wood window frames. And like all of the replacement windows sold and installed by Scottish Home Improvements, they can come with low-E glass for better thermal efficiency and energy savings on your heating and cooling bills.

If you are in the market for replacement windows, Scottish Home Improvements has a large selection of different styles, frames, and types of glass. Including awning windows, of course. If you’d like more information about awning windows, Denver and the Front Range, please contact us with any questions today. We have fifteen years in the replacement window business, and offer the top quality windows available in the market today.