With all the beautiful choices for custom replacement windows, Denver homeowners can achieve a whole new style and really light up their homes. Now, you might just be wondering what we mean when we say custom windows. After all, a window is a window is a window, right?

When considering custom replacement windows, Denver residents have many choices to make, and that is where the custom part comes in. Perhaps the first choice is the style of the window. Do you want your replacements to be the exact same style you have now? Single or double hung, for example. Or do you want something different? Awning windows, perhaps, or casement windows that open out, instead of up and down? Both of those are great choices in Denver’s sometimes heavy rainstorms, as the windows can be left open without the risk of water getting into the home.

Or do you want to add a custom bay, bow, or picture window? Perhaps this is something you’ve always wanted. These windows do come in standard sizes, but if you need a non-standard size, we are happy to build it for you.


And what about the materials of your new custom replacement windows, Denver? Are you looking for something traditional looking, like wood with a thick frame? Or are you looking for something more modern, and perhaps more durable and maintenance free, like the ever popular vinyl window frames? Vinyl just so happens to make a really great air-tight seal with the glass that holds for many years, making this a good choice of frame material if you are interested in insulation and thermal efficiency.

Of course, when it comes to custom replacement windows, Denver clients usually think about the glass as well. Regular glass? Low-E glass (for energy savings and greater thermal efficiency)? Or how about the amazing Sun Clean self-cleaning glass, for those among you who abhor washing windows?

All of these choices do customize your windows, giving you the exact look and properties that you want. We can also build custom windows in any size or shape that you want, regardless of how unusual. Half-moon shaped windows? Octagonal windows? How about a round window in your attic, like those old haunted Victorians always had?

Whatever kind of replacement windows you are looking for, we have the experience to supply them. With fifteen years in the home improvement and replacement windows business, we know all the options available today and have the expertise to build and install them. So if you are looking for custom replacement windows in Denver or anywhere else on the Front Range, please contact Scottish Home Improvements today.