With summer coming to an end and the nights starting to get a little cooler, it might be time to start thinking about energy efficiency. Anyone who has lived in Colorado for a while knows how quickly the weather can and will change. They also know how harsh our winters are here. With this in mind, perhaps it is time to look into energy efficiency windows.

As you know, the windows are one of the main places you lose heat. Sitting next to a large window in the winter can require the use of a snuggly blanket, because not only is heat lost through a normal pane of glass, but the cold manages to force its way in via the glass.

But that is ordinary glass. Energy efficient windows are a whole different animal. The glass is specially treated to keep your expensive heat inside your home where it belongs. This type of replacement window can cut down on your winter heating bills considerably and allow the investment to pay for itself over time.

Most Coloradoans today are familiar with energy efficiency replacement windows, particularly the low-e glass that they are usually made with. But did you know that there are other factors to consider aside from just what kind of glass the windows contain?


For instance, the more pieces the window has, the less energy efficiency it can have. Therefore, if saving money and saving heat are your primary concerns when you are shopping for energy efficiency windows, you should consider purchasing single hung windows, which only open from the bottom. They will let less heat escape than the double hung style which can open either from the bottom or the top.

However, all new windows today are engineered to form a very tight, climate resistant seal in your home. So the main factor in a window’s energy efficiency is definitely still the glass. Low-e is not really any special kind of glass, it is simply glass that has been treated with a reflective coating. You will not see this coating, but it will do its job by reflecting the heat back inside your home in the winter, and reflecting the sun’s heat back outside during the summer.

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