With cedar siding, Denver homeowners are following a long tradition of home exteriors. There is just something about cedar siding that says little mountain towns, or rustic homes. Traditional cedar siding, Denver residents know, has some serious drawbacks, compared with some of the more modern siding alternatives.

But if you want that look, you might be able to overlook the drawbacks, which include:

1. High maintenance requirements

2. Fading from the sun requiring regular repainting

3. Flammable in the unfortunate event of a fire

4. Attractive to termites and woodpeckers

5. Susceptible to drying out, cracking, splitting, and rotting.

When it comes to cedar siding, Denver homeowners ask us all the time if the beauty and rustic look is enough to make it a worthwhile investment, despite the drawbacks. And we always tell them the same thing: there are new sidings on the market that look just like traditional siding, but are made from different materials.

The main one we recommend is James Hardie’s HardieShingle. It is available in various sizes and colors, and will give your house that lovely cedar siding look you are looking for without all the disadvantages. Here is how James Hardie’s product stacks up against traditional cedar siding, Denver. Take a look!


1. Low maintenance, with the paint color baked in and warranted up to fifteen years.

2. Engineered for climate, meaning it’s built to easily withstand the Denver sun, hailstorms, snowstorms, dramatic temperature changes, and buffeting winds. This product is durable to the max!

3. Non-flammable, meaning it will not add any fuel to a fire.

4. Inedible to termites, not particularly interesting to woodpeckers.

5. Resistant to drying, cracking, rotting.

6. Made of sustainable materials, in factories dedicated to producing as green a product as possible by as green a manufacturing and shipping process as possible.

So when it comes to cedar siding, Denver residents can have their cedar cake and eat it too with HardieShingle, which is protected by a 30-year non-prorated, transferable, limited warranty.

Click here to see the HardieShingle color assortment.

Cedar siding, Denver homeowners know, can really give their homes the look they love. Many of our clients have never bought siding before, cedar or otherwise. They will be pleased to hear that siding should be a long-term purchase, good for the life of your tenure in your home. If you need more information or advice about the best type of siding for your home, we are always happy to help.

Please give Scottish Home Improvements a call today with any questions or to ask for a bid on a cedar siding job. With over fifteen years experience and highly qualified program managers and installers, we would love to earn your business.