Energy efficient windows are not just a “green” buzzword that people talk about; they are a real technological innovation that can make a big change in both your heating and cooling bills, and your comfort in your own home or office.

Part of it has to do with the climate here in CO, our four lovely seasons and occasional temperature extremes. (Or frequent extremes, if you live in the mountains or on the plains.) With extreme weather conditions like blizzards, high elevations in the winter, blazing sun in the summer, come higher heating and cooling costs. As you already know, much of the heat you are paying good money for goes right out through the glass in the winter, if it is ordinary glass. You’ve probably noticed that the rooms with the biggest windows can be the hardest to heat. This is particularly true if the windows are old, with warped wood frames that no longer have a good seal with the glass. These windows are highly energy inefficient and very leaky. And it’s your hard-earned cash that is leaking, right out the windows!

One way to offset these high heating costs and create a more energy efficient home is by installing energy efficient windows.

Energy efficiency is high on the priority list when it comes to Colorado homes. Is it high on your list? If so, please read on. We’ll try to explain energy efficient windows in laymen’s terms and paint you a clear picture on why these new kinds of windows are well worth investing in.

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Although there are various factors that make a window energy efficient: the type of frame, the amount of moving pieces, the main factor is definitely the type of glass used.

Once upon a time, glass was just glass. But today, energy efficient windows are made with special types of treated glass. The most well-known is called Low-E (low emissivity) glass. This has various special properties.

The Low-E coating will reflect heat, not absorb it. This means it will reflect the sun’s rays in summer, lowering heat gain into your home. And it will reflect your own heating system’s heat in winter, keeping it indoors with you and your family.

The result of replacing all your home’s windows with new windows with tighter, better insulated frames, and Low-E coated glass, would be lowered heating and cooling costs. This translates into an excellent, ongoing return on your home improvement investment when you add replacement windows with Low-E glass. It is that simple.

When you work with us at Scottish Home Improvements, we can advise you on which type of replacement window frames are the best investment for you: vinyl, wood, fiberglass, etc. But all of the windows we carry now have some type of Low-E glass. It’s just that vital!

If you have any questions about replacement windows or energy efficient windows, or you would like a quote, please contact us at Scottish Home Improvements today.