Are you in the market for replacement bay windows, Denver? Many homes in Denver’s older neighborhoods were originally built with beautiful bay windows, which are always an asset to a room. But over time, those windows might need to be replaced.

Here are some of the reasons a homeowner might need replacement bay windows in Denver:

1. The windows are original to the house, and have become broken over time.

2. The previous owners did not keep up the maintenance and the window sills have cracked, rotted, or have fallen apart.

3. The windows are leaking.

4. The house has settle so much that the windows are cracked from the pressure.

5. The windows are plain glass that is not thermally efficient and contributes to heat loss in the winter, making the room too cold, and heat gain in the summer, making the room unpleasant to sit in.

6. The homeowner is looking for an upgraded style.

When it comes to replacement bay windows, Denver homeowners have one more reason why they might want them: to open out the space and add more light by adding a bay window where two smaller plain windows were before.


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With our replacement bay windows, Denver clients have a choice of materials for the frames, as well as a choice of styles and different types of glass.

When it comes to thermal efficiency, various factors come into play, the most prominent of which is the type of glass used. We recommend the specially treated low-E glass to all of our clients who are adding replacement bay windows in Denver. With low-E glass, heat is reflected outward in summer and kept inside in winter, saving money on heating and cooling bills.

There are also choices to be made on the frame material. Wood is more traditional, vinyl gives a more modern, minimal look. Vinyl frames are also known to form an especially tight and efficient seal with the glass, for more thermal efficiency. Replacement bay windows, Denver customers discover, come in a wide variety of choices. Sizes, styles, degrees of ornateness. You can even have beautiful wood moldings, thick or thin, custom made to match the woodwork in the rest of your home.

For more information about replacement bay windows, Denver or up and down the Front Range, why not give us a call today? We can answer any questions and offer a quote for a bay window job.