When it comes to replacement bay windows, Denver homeowners are very specific with what they want. So of course, they want to work with the experts. Here at Scottish Home Improvements, we have fifteen years installing replacement windows of all kinds, including bay, bow, picture, and garden windows. We think that might qualify us as bay window replacement experts, wouldn’t you agree?

With replacement bay windows, Denver customers are looking for a modern, spacious appearance that adds style to the room, more light to the room, and even the illusion of more space to the room. Some want built in shelves and others want built in seating, such as a bench for a breakfast nook or cozy reading corner, or just a space to look out at a beautiful garden or mountain view.

With replacement bay windows, Denver customers have various choices to make. The size of the window is one choice. If they already have a bay window that is old and not very energy efficient, do they want to replace it with the same size, or cut out around it and put in a significantly bigger window? Remember, the bigger the window, the more light in the room. And the less energy efficiency, unless they get specially treated low-E glass in that bay window.


Another choice is the type of frame material. Vinyl, wood, or one of the new composite materials? They each will give a very different look to the room. Of course, wood is traditional and adds the most elegance, but it also requires the most maintenance to stay looking great. And vinyl frames add a modern, minimal look that might work with your home and this material forms an extremely tight, thermally efficient seal with the glass. It doesn’t expand or contract the way wood can, weakening the seal over time.

With replacement bay windows, Denver customers can also choose how many panels of glass they want. The traditional bay window has three, with each one forming a fairly sharp angle. But there is a type of bay window called a bow window. This consists of five or more glass panels, forming a more rounded shape that can even go around the corner of a room, forming the look of a turret on the outside of the home.

We have even had clients who have replaced several small windows in a room with one much larger bay window.

For more information about replacement bay windows, Denver or anywhere on the Front Range, why not contact us today? We can answer any questions and give you a quote for a replacement window job. We’d love to share our expertise and earn your replacement window business.