Is it time for brand new bow windows, Denver? We’ve been receiving more and more requests for this stunning type of window. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a bow window is a specific type of bay window.

With bow windows, Denver homeowners can add more light into a room and give it the appearance of greater spaciousness. Let’s talk about the difference between the classic bay window and a bow window.

A bay window usually consists of three sections. It juts out of the room, adding more space. These sections give the window an angled appearance.

With bow windows, Denver homes have a window with four or five sections (known as a “4-lite bow” or a “5-lite bow.”). Instead of appearing angular like the bay window, it has more of a curved “bow” appearance; in fact the frame is curved on the outside of the house. Because bow windows have more panels of glass, they let in significantly more light to a room than the more common bay window.

Here at Scottish Home Improvements, we’ve heard it said that the bay window is a better fit for more modern homes, whereas the bow window is more suited for older Victorian style homes. But honestly, with what we’ve seen in our fifteen years in business, we don’t really agree. The bow window is a stunning addition to any era home that will become the focal point of the room.

Denver Bow Windows

It can even be built to wrap around a corner of the house, which will add a lovely turret-like appearance from the outside.

Where in your homes have you been imagining bow windows, Denver?

Perhaps you’d like to take out a few smaller windows and add one big bow window in your kitchen or dining room? With a bench, to create a breakfast nook, of course. Or perhaps a bow window would be perfect in your master bathroom, right behind the giant spa tub. As long as you have space on the exterior of your home, we can add a bow window for you, in any area of the home.

With bow windows, Denver homes get more value, more style, and their owners get more enjoyment, which is always important!

If you would like more information about either bay or bow windows, Denver or anywhere up and down the Front Range, we invite you to contact us today. We’re always happy to share our expertise, answer any questions, and offer a bid for your brand new bow windows.