Have you always wanted a garden window, Denver homeowners? If you love nature, love to garden, love to bring the outdoors in, then a garden window is definitely something you would enjoy.

Garden windows are a specific type of bay window. They extend outward from the wall, frequently with two side panels that open. Some garden windows will also contain one or more glass shelves, depending on the height of the garden window itself, so the homeowner can grow more plants than could fit on the sill alone. With a garden window, Denver plant lovers can have a dedicated space to practice their green thumb all year long.

Garden windows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If you already have a large window in your living room, dining room, or perhaps even your bedroom, it can be replaced by a garden window. Assuming there is enough space on the exterior of the house.

Garden windows, Denver décor and architecture lovers know, have a variety of benefits.

1. They open out the space, making the room look larger and airier.

2. They let in more light than a regular window, again making the room more appealing to the eye.

3. The casement side panels open for better room ventilation.

4. They provide a space for many plants without cluttering up the room. And as you probably already know, plants themselves have many benefits. One is adding oxygen to the air. But they also add some humidity, a plus in Denver’s uber-dry climate.

5. They look phenomenal, modern, chic, and create a great focal point to a room.

Replacement Garden Window Denver

With the installation of a garden window, Denver homeowners add value to their homes of the aesthetic and dollar varieties. Because they are somewhat uncommon, they are eye catching and make an impressive statement in a room.

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For a beautiful and practical garden window, Denver or anywhere across the state of Colorado, we hope you will contact us today.

We would be happy to answer any questions about garden windows, Denver, so why not give us a call today. We can talk prices, styles, sizes, everything you need to know to add that perfect garden window to your home.