Fiber Cement Siding DenverWe frequently find that people are unfamiliar with the term, “fiber cement siding” in Denver and the Front Range. However, this type of siding is extremely popular, and for good reason. Not only is this sturdy and useful product used for the exterior of homes, it is used for commercial buildings, an underlay for decks, eave linings and as a replacement for certain types of wooden beams in areas with a high danger of fire, because it doesn’t ignite.

For Denver, fiber cement siding has various advantages. It’s made of sustainable ingredients such as cement and sand, which is important to many Colorado residents. If used to cover the entire exterior of a home, it provides outstanding insulation and can lower your heating and cooling bills, saving you money, paying for your investment and making your home much more comfortable, year round.

At Scottish Home Improvements, we are proud to feature the leading fiber cement siding in the world today, made to exacting quality standards by James Hardie. Their fiber cement siding for Denver homes comes with baked on color that won’t chip or peel, as well as many gorgeous colors and styles to keep your home looking as beautiful as it’s comfortable. Although we will tell you with total confidence that your James Hardie siding will look just as classy as real wood siding, it will not dry out in our arid Colorado climate, nor will it rot, crack, or buckle from changes in temperature or humidity.

According to Eric Eckberg, President of Denver’s Engle Homes, “We like the look of wood – but James Hardie gives us a superior product.” Eckberg goes on to add that until you touch the James Hardie siding, you’d never even know it wasn’t wood.

Fiber Cement Siding Right for Your Denver Home

Fiber cement siding for Denver homes is a durable, practical choice that can also add true value and safety to your home. If you have questions as to whether or not this product is the best choice for your exterior home siding needs, please give us a call.

The siding process begins with a visit from one of our fiber cement siding design professionals. Let us answer your questions, help you pick the perfect product and the color combinations you will absolutely love. Adding fiber cement siding to your home is a big decision, and a big investment. Be sure before you buy – contact the siding experts at Scottish Home Improvement today.