Replacement Windows Denver
Looking for replacement windows in Denver or the rest of Colorado? Before purchasing any new windows, this is a good subject to educate yourself on. After all, windows are pretty costly. Although many people think a window is a window, and glass is just glass, there are many advancements in this field that might surprise you along with some interesting new options to choose from.

Reasons to Install Replacement Windows in Denver

  • The windows are old: Perhaps they function poorly, i.e. are nearly impossible to open and close, are an old-fashioned or impractical style, have warped frames or are very drafty, letting your heat escape in the winter and you’re nice cool air condioning out in the summer.
  • You are renovating your home: perhaps you’ve bought a fixer-upper, or bought the house as an investment and plan to “flip” it. Or it’s just old and slightly run down and you’ve decided to give it a facelift.
  • Energy Savings: When you look at the cost of new windows, you might not think the energy savings can compensate, but over time they will not only payback your investment but make your entire house more comfortable, year round. For homes in a climate like the one here in Denver, replacement windows are indeed cost effective home improvement option.

Here are some of the many new and high tech windows currently available:

  • Sun Clean Self Cleaning Glass: Yes, you read that right! Cleaning your windows can be a thing of the past with the addition of self-cleaning glass. Whoever invented this stuff will have the gratitude of homeowners everywhere. It features a “Sun Clean coating” that actually uses the sun’s UV rays and some water to dislodge any accumulated dirt, leaving your windows crystal clear and clean. Amazing! What will they think of next?
  • Low E Glass: Windows installed with this glass absorb a smaller percentage of the sun’s UV rays; in fact the glass will reflect them back, not allowing them to enter your home. This is accomplished again with a coating to regular glass. However, the film is a great insulator, keeping your home warmer during Denver’s cold winters and cooler in our hot, sunny summers. As we mentioned, although replacing all your windows is hardly cheap, it is a great investment that will pay for itself and wind up saving you thousands on your utility bills over the years. This is particularly true if you have old, drafty single pane windows.
  • Cut Glass: Of course there’s no way we could talk about replacement windows for Denver homes without mentioning this option. Cut glass, textured glass and stained glass is the specialty of our sister firm, Scottish Stained Glass, the biggest stained glass studio of its kind in the nation. A cut glass or stained glass window adds a second layer of insulation to your existing glass, giving a single paned window the insulating property of a double paned window. But more important, stained and textured glass windows are pieces of art, adding beauty and real value to the home.

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