Looking for bow windows, Denver or anywhere in Colorado? Here at Scottish Home Improvements, we are big fans of this particular type of window. It makes a major design statement in a home, both on the inside and from the outside.

With the installation of custom bow windows, Denver homeowners can add to the spacious feel of a given room, making it appear larger and roomier, as well as let in a significantly larger amounts of light.

Some of our customers in older homes with smaller windows have us replace several small windows with one large bow window. With bow windows, Denver homes also get a cool turret look from the outside.

So perhaps you are wondering, what is the difference between a bay window and a bow window? Good question! Both types project outward from the wall of the home. But a bay window usually consists of only three window panels, giving it an angular appearance. Bow windows, Denver clients are discovering, consist of more panels, perhaps five, which give it a gentler, more rounded appearance similar to the kind of bow you shoot with arrows. Usually the center window is fixed, but the ones at the edges can be casement windows that open and close for better ventilation in the room.


Bow windows, Denver homeowners agree, are a classy and beautiful solution to a dark room. In fact, a bow window can be in the corner of a room, stretching across two different walls. It is in these cases that the exterior of the house will get that cool turret look we mentioned earlier.

When it comes to bow windows, Denver residents can have them custom designed to their specifications. They can choose from a variety of different frame materials: traditional wooden frames, more inexpensive vinyl frames, or even modern composite frames that can give you the look of wood for less (and less maintenance as well).

You might wonder if adding bow windows in Denver will make your living room, bedroom, or dining room appear much hotter in the summer, or too cold in the winter. If energy efficiency is a concern, we definitely recommend low-E (low emissivity) glass. This glass contains a reflective coating that reflects the heat of the sun outward, away from the glass in summer. It helps insulate the room in winter as well.

For more information or a quote for bow windows, Denver or anywhere across Colorado, please contact us today at Scottish Home Improvements. With our fifteen years of experience and hundreds of installations of all sorts of custom and replacement windows, we can create the look you want in your home or office space.