Back in the dark ages of siding, it was installed, and then, if you wanted a custom color you had to have it painted. You probably remember those days and how much work was involved.

This siding wasn’t the best quality and so over time the paint would chip, the wood decayed, and you had to paint it again to keep the color looking fresh and vivid, not shabby and faded. But times have changed. Today’s siding comes in an astonishing array of colors that will stay fresh for many years and keep your home looking new.

We know you take extra care with your home’s interior, with the paint colors, the furnishings, the entire décor. With today’s siding colors, your exterior can easily represent your unique taste as well. Whether you choose fiber cement siding or vinyl siding, we think you’ll find siding colors to get excited about.

After all, siding is a major home improvement investment. You should be able to pick styles and colors that make your eyes happy. You will be looking at them for a long, long time.

Imagine your home siding color staying true, not needing maintenance or repainting for fifteen years. That’s a nice long time to ignore something on your home’s exterior, without worrying about how it looks or how it’s holding up.

Siding types colorado

Take a look at some vinyl siding colors here, to get an idea of what we’re talking about.
Take a look at some fiber cement siding colors here.

Do you like neutrals, pale colors, or earth tones? Do you like a light colored home with dark trim? Do you like deeper, richer, more saturated colors like berry, forest green, or deep blue? Do you like that with matching trim, or contrasting trim? Today’s home siding colors offer something for every taste.

Are you ready for a complete makeover for your home’s exterior? Have you decided that this is the year you’re going to replace that old, shabby, cracked, rotted, peeling, faded siding with something more current? Something made out of newer, more durable materials? Something that will give new life and a new look to your home?

If this is the year you’re going to replace your siding, there are many things to consider before you make your final choice. Of course, price is one. You might also be interested in a “green” product. You might be interested in a siding that can cut your heating bills by adding another layer of insulation to your home. You might be interested in siding that is fire resistant. Or pest resistant. Or UV ray resistant.

Whatever you decide, don’t forget about siding colors. Our experienced sales consultants are on hand to advise you, so why not give us a call and request a consultation or a quote today?