For some reason, every time we sit down at a social gathering lately, the conversation turns to home improvements. Perhaps it’s because we’re in the business and people want to ask for our professional opinion, the same way they do with doctors? You could call us the siding doctors!

We always wind up recommending James Hardie siding, Denver, just so you know. And none of our friends ever feel the need for a second opinion. Here’s why. James Hardie siding is unparalleled in its ability to protect and insulate your home against Colorado’s sometimes wild weather conditions. And spring is the perfect time to have it installed.

If you’re looking for new siding, Denver and the rest of Colorado has some violent and severe weather that can cause problems for your home’s exterior. You need to take careful consideration of the weather conditions when you are deciding what kind of siding to install.

The best siding for Denver and the Front Range

Wood and vinyl siding are both particularly vulnerable to Colorado’s crazy weather. Hail damage, heavy gusting winds, varying moisture levels, and even rot can damage your investment. James Hardie fiber cement siding is unparalleled in protecting your home against severe weather conditions in Colorado.

It resists rotting, warping, hail damage, delamination, and it’s five times thicker than vinyl siding. Although we don’t frequently get tornados here, James Hardie siding can be installed to withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour.

And that’s not all we have to say about this siding, Denver! It’s a good five times thicker than vinyl, so it adds a whole new level of insulation to your home. It won’t melt or burn, which could be a concern in mountain areas that every summer are under threat of forest fires.

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Now let’s talk about maintenance. Of course, with the heavy amount of sunshine and the higher altitudes, wood is prone to fading, drying out, splitting, and if it’s a year with a lot of rain, it’s prone to rotting.

James Hardie’s product will do none of the above. Because it’s made of a substance called fiber cement (which by the way is made of green, sustainable materials) it does not have the same degree of temperature and moisture related expansion and contraction that causes so many problems with wood and vinyl sidings. As a result, paint will not peel or flake off James Hardie Siding, reducing your overall maintenance costs and staying beautiful much longer.

Their proprietary ColorPlus technology uses a baked on finish which ensures unprecedented color consistency and long life. And their warranty can’t be beat! Do you see why we’re so hot on this outstanding product? In so many ways, James Hardie siding and Colorado’s climate are a match made in home improvement heaven!