Siding ColoradoLet’s talk siding, specifically the best choices for siding on Colorado homes. The fact is, our climate places various demands on a home, and there are various types of siding that have been developed to meet those demands. But which is the best investment for your home. You certainly wouldn’t want to have to change it after it’s installed. This should be a one time, lifetime purchase. So some investigation is in order before choosing which type to have installed.

I remember as a kid that fitting a house with aluminum siding was a big deal. My parents were thrilled with it, although I had no idea why. In those days, I think most siding was wood (am I really dating myself now?) and the aluminum was a radically new and exciting innovation.

Well these days, there are many other types to choose from that no doubt put aluminum to shame.

Siding is the outer cladding of a house, that’s purpose is to keep the elements our and hopefully provide insulation as well. For buildings in Colorado, Siding is a practical choice. The overlapping nature of the panels easily accommodates the dramatic changes in temperature that are so common here. Of course, there is an aesthetic component to be considered as well, and the siding you choose can also affect the actual value of your home.

Types of Siding for Colorado Homes

If you happen to be interested in the history and development of siding, we have to admit that Wikipedia has a pretty interesting article about it. But if you’re not interested and just want to know which one to choose for your Colorado home, Scottish Home Improvements has already done the work for you, and chosen to represent the Colorado siding manufacturers we believe are the absolute best in their fields:

  • Fiber Cement Siding: We offer James Hardie, the world leader in this type of product. Tailor made for the climate in Colorado, this siding looks exactly like wood but needs no repainting or refinishing and will never rot, dry out or peel.  Fantastic for homes in high fire areas as well. Warranted for 30 – 50 years!
  • Vinyl Siding: A less expensive option, but still durable, good looking, and provides a significant degree of insulating power. Prodigy is our top pick for Colorado’s siding needs if vinyl is your choise.
  • Steel: A low maintenance, inexpensive siding option, but is prone to hail damage.
  • Wood/Cedar: Mmmmm! What else can we say? However, as delightful as cedar is, it has some disadvantages as a choice for Colorado siding, mainly the significant amount of maintenance that it requires over the years. Despite that, wood siding is making a comeback in many Colorado mountain communities.
  • Stucco: This look can be achieved either with James Hardie Stucco Panels or with the traditional materials. Scottish Home Improvements has experience installing both.

Each type of Colorado siding will give your home a different look, and have different benefits. Talk to one of our siding designers today!