Alside™ Satinwood® Select Steel Siding

Stylishly Protect Your Home With a Powerful Steel Shield

Alside’s new Satinwood® Select siding provides the ultimate steel shield for your home.  Battering wind, pouring rain, the bitter cold and even the scorching heat are no challenge for the high-performance strength of Satinwood Select.

Each pre-treated galvanized steel panel is virtually “weather-sealed” with a durable Kynar® PVDF finish that ensures long-lasting protection and color performance.  Moreover, no other steel coating system defies the tests of nature and time like those based on Kynar resins.

Unlike fiber cement and exterior wood claddings, Satinwood Select won’t absorb moisture and does not require caulking.  The rigid steel helps to conceal flaws while tight joints keep overlaps flat.

Select a designer color from a broad range of shades to achieve your ideal finished look. And whether you want them to blend in our stand out, Alside’s trim and accessories in matching Kynar PVDF colors will help you achieve the appearance that reflects your unique style and lifestyle.

Alside Satinwood® Select Benefits

When it comes to a durable, yet aesthetically pleasing option for residing your home, there is perhaps no better choice than Alside Satinwood® Select steel siding. Alside Satinwood® Select offers the ideal solution for the practical minded homeowner with distinct style and taste. Alside Satinwood® Select is incredibly durable and weather resistant, which makes it perfect for homes located in Denver and along the Front Range. When you choose Alside Satinwood® Select for your residing project, you’ll be able to enjoy a multitude of benefits over the years including:

Maximum impact resistance
-Excellent fire, hail and termite resistance
-Cold weather resistance
-Protection from hurricane-force winds
-Lasting color from fade defying fluorinated polymer pigments
-Low maintenance
-Resistance to mildew and fungus growth
-An eco-friendly and recyclable option for residing your home

High Performance, Weather Resistant Siding

Steel siding is known for being incredibly durable and weather resistant, which is important for homes in Colorado that often face periods of intense heat during the summer which are later accompanied by harsh winter storms. This factor combined with Alside’s years worth of experience in siding manufacturing has made Alside Satinwood® Select one of the leading steel siding products available on today’s market. Alside Satinwood® Select has been specifically designed and tested to be weather and storm resistant. For this durable, resilient steel siding, Mother Nature is no match due to its incredible strength and engineering. No matter what comes your way, whether it’s a five day blizzard or 160 mph winds, you can count on Alside Satinwood® Select to protect your home.