Alside® Charter Oak® Soffit

Alside® Charter Oak® Premium Vinyl Soffit

When it comes to soffit, there is perhaps no option more beautiful or durable than Charter Oak®. Alside® Charter Oak® Soffit exhibits a unique rigid vertical profile that beautifully compliments and adds depth to vinyl sided homes and properties. When compared to other soffit panels, Charter Oak® has been proven to be five times more rigid than competitors and more resistant to wind and weather. Thanks to its TriBeam construction, Charter Oak® is incredibly durable and has the ability to resist normal wear that causes sagging and twisting over time. And it also doubles as a vertical siding product too so you can accent porch areas, overhangs, or entrances and create visual intrigue. With a finely textured, low gloss finish and little to no maintenance required, it’s no wonder that Charter Oak® is the preferred soffit option for homeowners throughout Thornton and Federal Heights.

Charter Oak® Soffit Features & Benefits

With Charter Oak® Soffit for your Denver home, you and your family can experience many enjoyable benefits including:

Advanced ventilation: Charter Oak® contains aeration openings that are discreetly hidden within grooves to provide ventilation and allow air to circulate freely.
Smart design: TriBeam design keeps Charter Oak® strong and durable throughout the years and provides an even, consistent appearance.
Beautiful accents: Use Charter Oak® Soffit to accent porch ceilings, overhangs, and eaves for visual intrigue and variety.
Superior style: A beautiful textured finish and gently rounded edges make this soffit option distinctly stylish and elegant.
Excellent warranty: Charter Oak® vinyl soffit is backed by Alside’s Lifetime Transferrable Warranty* for added protection and years of satisfaction.

*See Alside Warranty for details.

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