Prodigy® Insulated Siding

Unsurpassed Beauty & Energy Efficiency

Beautiful, energy efficient, and highly weatherable, Alside Prodigy siding offers top notch performance without compromising aesthetics, making it a smart, stylish option for any Denver home. Alside Prodigy siding consists of a 1½” thick weather protectant barrier that wraps around your home to provide an additional level of insulation that cuts energy costs and improves indoor comfort. On the exterior, Alside Prodigy siding exhibits a stunning milled cedar grain appearance so you can enjoy the beauty of a natural wood look without the high maintenance.

Alside Prodigy Siding Features & Benefits

Whether you’re considering residing your home or are in the middle of new construction, Alside Prodigy can provide you with the solution you need. Alside Prodigy offers many enjoyable benefits and features including:

Weather resistance: Alside Prodigy siding is backed by durable, tear resistant insulation that’s designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including high speed winds and intense storms.
Aesthetics: Characterized by clean, crisp lines and a beautiful faux cedar appearance, Alside Prodigy makes a beautiful addition to any home.
Breathable: Alside Prodigy is designed to keep rain out while allowing the inner layers of insulation to breathe freely to prevent the accruance of moisture, mold, and mildew.
Easy installation: Unlike traditional wood or cedar products, Alside Prodigy does not require any face nailing or caulking for installation.
Warranty: Alside Prodigy comes with a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty*, offering your comfort and peace of mind for your investment.

*See Alside warranty for details.

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