fiber cement siding denver

Fiber Cement Siding in Denver

Fiber cement siding is becoming more and more popular in Denver, not only because of its’ durability, but also because it is considered the environmentally friendly option for new siding.  If the environment is a big priority to you, think about this green option that can greatly protect your home as well.

If you’re looking to add or replace siding on your home, fiber cement siding for your Denver home  is a fantastic option.  This product is made up of a combination of cement, sand, and wood fibers to create an extremely strong, durable siding.

The Green Properties of Fiber Cement Siding Denver

Because this siding product is made up of composite materials, it can actually be made of a combination of recycled materials, as well as new materials.  In either case, this product efficiently uses the materials to create the strongest, most protective siding available today.  James Hardie has actually developed different formulas of fiber cement for different climates to maximize the life of fiber cement siding in Denver and other markets.

Speaking of strong siding, the strength and durability of this product means environmental friendliness in a new way.  Fiber cement siding is built to last longer than any other siding product, which means less replacement over time, and less used, old siding ending up landfills as well.  Any steps we can take to lower the waste going into landfills help in the long run.

Another great aspect of fiber cement siding in Denver is that it is pre-finished during production.  Wood siding, for example, is painted after production, and the excess paint that ends up in landfills is one of the most toxic, non-degradable items out there.  Since fiber cement siding finishes are actually baked on, manufacturers can keep using the excess finish for other orders, and the waste is minimal.  This also means no toxic paint fumes around your house when your siding is installed.

Alright, so this siding is green, but it probably looks terrible, right? Wrong.  There are literally thousands of color and style combinations for fiber cement siding Denver, and we can actually create a design that will closely match the current look of your home, if already love the way it looks, or we can create a fresh, new style.

The best part about this environmentally friendly product is that it is actually some of the best performing siding available today.  Fiber cement siding can protect your Denver home from hot summers, freezing winters, hail, and even wildfires with little to no maintenance.  It won’t warp or rot from water exposure, like wood siding, and it won’t need to be repainted either.

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