Vinyl Siding Denver

Vinyl Siding in Denver

Vinyl is one of the most popular siding materials in Denver because of its affordable cost, low maintenance, and many available options.  No matter which type of siding you choose when remodeling your home, it’s important to know the benefits of each option.  At Scottish Home Improvements, we want to help you make an informed decision for the vinyl siding on your Denver home!

Benefits of Vinyl Siding in Denver

If you’re looking to install new vinyl siding on your Denver home, but can’t afford a huge investment, vinyl may be the right choice for you.  Compared to wood siding, this product is half the cost, making it a much easier investment than some of the more expensive options for most people.  This material still looks great, and it’s available in many different colors and styles to accommodate your personal taste, as well as the needs of your home.

Adding vinyl siding to your Denver home can drastically reduce the routine maintenance costs of your home.  With growth in siding technology comes longer lasting, harder to chip colors for your home, as well as a resistance to rot and mildew, which is a common problem with wood products.  This means that in addition to saving money on the initial costs of purchasing vinyl siding, a lower cost product to begin with, you can count on saving more through less maintenance over time.

Vinyl siding offers you many different options for colors, so you can choose whatever suits your personal style, and the architecture of your home.  With many different manufacturers of this product comes even more color options, and we suggest working with an expert team to help you make the best decision for your unique home.  Since this product is actually manufactured with the color you choose, (instead of your color being painted on) it will last longer, and cost less without the additional labor of painting.

Disadvantages to Vinyl Siding Denver

Many areas in Colorado experience extreme weather all year round, and if your location is particularly prone to this, vinyl siding may not be your best option.  Vinyl siding does provide great insulation, and it protects against freezing, rain, and ice much more effectively than wood siding.  However, it does not protect thoroughly against hail or fires, which can be problematic for homes in the mountains, and other areas often experiencing these natural effects.

We offer a more protective siding for Coloradoans in need of fire and hail protection in addition to the other elements; fiber cement siding.  To learn more about this option for your home, take a look at our James Hardie Siding.

Vinyl siding is applicable for many Denver homes, and our experts can help you make key decisions to ensure that you end up with a great result, no matter which product you choose.  Vinyl siding comes in tons of different styles and colors, so you can be sure that your purchase will fit the look you want for your particular home affordably.    Feel free to contact Scottish Home Improvements with all of your vinyl siding questions.