I am the Vice President of the Ridgewood Village Homeowners Association Board of Directors in Littleton, Colorado. Last year, I accepted an appointment by the Board to be Chairman of a Siding Committee to explore the feasibility of having new siding installed on all units of our Association, including our swimming pool bath house.

Our Committee did a laborious job of investigating each bidder, including the product recommended, the reputation of the bidder, references, etc. After careful evaluation and thorough investigation and research, we were unanimous in awarding the bid to Scottish Home Improvements.

From the very beginning of our association with Scottish, absolutely nothing but the very best was encountered. Their quality of work, professionalism, attention to detail, helpfulness, respect, willingness to go the extra step – everything associated with them, was absolutely first rate. Their character and integrity was simply outstanding.

I do not hesitate at all in recommending Scottish for whatever job you are considering. I am convinced that we – Ridgewood Village – could not have found a better company. They became not just our contractors; they became our friends.