One of the best parts about the US is how each part of this huge country is so distinctly different. From things like accents to the climate of the regions in which we live–we are full of diversity. This goes from home styles as well. As a siding company, we know that westerners in the US, for example, tend to choose very different siding styles than in easterners. And, even within the western tastes, there are differences. Since we live here in the west in Loveland, Colorado, we have decided to take a look at the most popular styles in these western regions.  

Popular Siding Styles in The Western US 

West Coast Siding Styles: Homes here tend to be mostly modern and ranch. California dominates this area and is considered a “more mature market”. There are a lot of remodels in this area since housing is expensive so you will often find revamped historic homes.

Siding Styles in the Pacific Northwest

The pacific northwest tends toward modern homes with siding colors that are ocean-inspired– like silvers, greys, and beiges. You are also to see a lot of tall peaks and big windows to take in the gorgeous view. Tiny homes are an emerging trend in these areas as communities look to be more eco-friendly and build smaller homes.

Siding Styles in the Rocky Mountain Region

Just like the beautiful Rocky Mountains that run entirely down Colorado–our homes here tend to have angles and interesting windows. This means siding here often has a modern feel and cool browns, blues and grey to mimic the modern terrain.

Siding Styles in the Southwest Region

The southwest region of the US is dry and hot so homes here tend to have flat roofs and be lower and sprawling in most places. The siding style here is simple to accommodate a one-level structure. When it comes to color, clay reds, warm browns, and greens are popular to compliment the desert surroundings. 

Do any of these styles sound like something you would like on your Loveland home? Well then, reach out to us here at Scottish Home Improvements for a design consultation today!

Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Scottish Home Improvements. In 2002, Martin became inspired to start his own siding company after he had a negative experience with a local contractor. His goal was to set a new standard for the industry by providing excellent customer service. Today, Scottish Home Improvements is the top Elite Preferred James Hardie contractor in the state of Colorado. Over the years, Martin's company has received numerous awards and recognitions including 12 consecutive gold stars and an A+ Rating from the BBB as well as the James Hardie President's Club Award.