Are you looking for replacement windows for some or all of your home? Did you know that double hung windows are the most common type of windows around today? With double hung windows, Denver residents can get various advantages and some disadvantages. Let’s discuss them.

Advantages of double hung windows for Denver homes:

1. They have a traditional look that might just work with your home.

2. They can accommodate a room air conditioner, or a removable screen to keep out bugs in the summer.

3. They come in a wide array of sizes and frame materials, including vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. The frames can be as minimal or as wide as you’d like.

4. They are relatively easy to clean. Today’s newer double hung windows are usually equipped with tilt-out upper and lower sashes or even removable sashes. (The sash is the part of the window that holds the panes of glass, as opposed to the frame.) Even older double hung windows, Denver residents know, are easier to clean than single hung because you can open from both the top and the bottom for access to both panes of glass.

5. Like all replacement windows today, they can be ordered with low-E glass for greater thermal efficiency.

6. By opening the top window and the bottom window at the same time, warm air can escape out the top and cooler air can drift in through the bottom, allowing you to more easily cool off a room without air conditioning. This makes double hung windows in Denver great for the summers, when the sun goes down and the air immediately cools off.


Disadvantages of double hung windows in Denver:

1. They are not quite as energy efficient as single hung windows, because they have more moving parts. (Although, today’s newer double hung windows are built for greater efficiency than the windows that might have come with your house.)

2. They don’t offer as much in the way of ventilation as some other window styles, because only half the window can be open at any given time, either the top half or the bottom half.

You can see why double hung windows are so popular. If you are looking for double hung windows, Denver and across the state, Scottish Home Improvements are your replacement window experts. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of any different window styles for your home.

If you are looking for high quality, energy efficient double hung windows, Denver or anywhere in Colorado, we hope you will give us a call for a quote today. With an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and their gold star indicating no customer complaints, we are confident we can give you the exact windows you want, perfectly installed.