When it comes to unique and fabulous windows, Denver residents are definitely on board. We install many custom replacement windows for our clients, who are usually looking for a new look, increased thermal efficiency from low-E glass, and sometimes to add more light to a room.

With bow windows, Denver homeowners can add more light to a room. If you aren’t familiar with bow windows, they are actually a specific type of a bay window. But a bay window usually consists of three separate panels, creating an angular window that juts out from the wall, whereas a bow window will usually have at least five and sometimes more panels. The angles where the panels join are less sharp and the entire window has a more rounded appearance. In fact, with bow windows, Denver homes can get a rather cool “turret” look if the bow window goes around the corner of the room, with panels on each adjacent wall.

If looking to replace a series of small windows with a bow window, Denver residents find that this type of window not only lets in more light, it seems to open up the room and create an illusion of more space, although the actual square footage of the room is unchanged.

Denver Bow Windows

If you have an old bow window in need of replacement, please contact us. Perhaps you are looking for a more modern style, perhaps a composite material for the frame so the window will require less maintenance than a wooden frame does. Or perhaps you want the entire unit to be much more thermally efficient and not so drafty. For that, we would recommend low-E (low emissivity) glass which is specially coated to increase its energy efficiency. You’ll find much less cold air seeping through in the winter and much less heat blazing in in the summer.

If you have a bay window, you can replace it with a larger bow window, Denver! As long as you have the space on the outside of the house to accommodate it.

With our custom bow windows, Denver homeowners can choose between normal height windows, floor to ceiling windows, or any other size. They can choose between wood, vinyl, or composite frames. They can choose the type of glass, even including custom stained glass for an incredibly elegant window that will completely change the look of the room it is placed in.

For more information about bow windows, Denver or across Colorado, we hope that you will contact us today via phone or by filling out our convenient online form. Here at Scottish Home Improvements, we have fifteen solid years of replacement window experience under our respective tool belts and we would love to be your home improvement experts.