Are you looking for custom replacement windows, Denver or anywhere across the state of Colorado? If so, you might realize that your windows need to be replaced, but you might not be aware of all the different choices on the market today.

Here at Scottish Home Improvements, we have about fifteen years in business doing window replacements across the state. We work with the top window manufacturers in the country, and can get you just about any windows you might ever desire, and install them perfectly as well.

With custom replacement windows, Denver residents can choose the material of the frame, the type of glass, the style of the window itself. They are not stuck replacing ordinary windows with the exact same styles. Let’s take a brief look at these different choices.

With custom replacement windows, Denver area choices for frame materials include:

1. Wood frames. They can be thick or thin, classic or unique, left their natural color or stained or painted a huge variety of different colors to match or complement your home’s décor.

2. Vinyl frames. Modern looking, affordable, and unobtrusive, vinyl is known for making a tight seal with the glass, for energy saving benefits.

3. Composite frames. These can give you the look of wood with the seal of vinyl, and don’t require chopping down so many trees. They will also require less maintenance over the years than traditional wood frames will.

With custom replacement windows, Denver choices for glass include:

1. Plain glass, obviously.

2. Low-e glass, for energy savings on heating and cooling bills. This specially treated kind of glass is one of the reasons many people want replacement windows in the first place.

3. Self-cleaning glass. This glass is treated with a coating that repels dirt, keeping them cleaner longer.

4. Stained glass. Working with our sister company, Scottish Stained Glass, we can create custom designs for your custom replacement windows, Denver! What do you think about that?


With custom replacement windows, Denver style choices include:

1. The usual single or double hung windows that open up and down vertically.

2. Bay or bow windows, which open out the space and add considerably more light into a room.

3. Awning windows, which are hinged at the top and open up and out with some type of a crank handle. These windows are perfect for Denver residents who like to keep the windows open during a downpour, but don’t like to get soaked.

4. Casement windows, which are hinged at one side. They also open outward, allowing the most fresh outside air to enter a home, and form the tightest seal of any functioning window.

5. Grill windows, or windows with a grill installed to make them look like they are multiple panes, when it’s really only one energy efficient pane.

When it comes to custom replacement windows, Denver, we aim to please. Why not give us a call today for a quote or an appointment?