Satinwood® Variegated Steel Siding

Unsurpassed Beauty, Strong Performance

Alside®’s Satinwood® Variegated steel siding is manufactured with a double 5″ architectural face. This universal, horizontal profile is suitable for nearly every style of home and is a consistent performer in even the most severe climate. As part of the Alside® Steel Collection, Satinwood® Variegated represents the rich tradition of steel siding construction that will not rot, flake, crack, rust, or chip.

Satinwood® Variegated steel siding’s heavy-duty construction hides wall imperfections, and it’s corrosion-resistant and noncombustible properties add to your home’s protection and peace-of-mind. Great for residential properties throughout

Alside® Satinwood® Variegated Steel Siding Benefits

Rich in color and texture, Alside Satinwood® Variegated steel siding makes a beautiful addition to any type or style of home and is a much more low maintenance alternative to wood and cedar. Alside Satinwood® Variegated steel siding is resistant to pests, high winds, and moisture, making it the perfect option for Colorado’s climate. By choosing Alside Satinwood® Variegated steel siding for your residing project, you can experience many wonderful benefits including:
-Non-combustible siding that’s fire resistant
-Resistance to corrosion and moisture
-Heavy-duty construction that hides wall imperfections
-Variegated colors that reflect the natural grain of wood siding
-Lifetime Transferable Warranty*

*See Alside’s warranty for complete details.

A Low Maintenance Alternative to Natural Wood

Many Colorado homeowners enjoy the look of cedar siding due to its natural “real wood” appearance. But the problem with wood siding is that it requires a lot of work to maintain, especially in a place like Denver where blizzards, heavy rainfall, hail, and run-ins with wildlife are not uncommon. With Alside Satinwood® Variegated steel siding, you can enjoy the beauty of a natural wood look without having to worry about critters or the weather damaging your home. Alside Satinwood® Variegated steel siding is resistant to pests, moisture, fire, and impact, making it the perfect alternative to traditional cedar and wood siding products.

Alside Satinwood Variegated Steel Siding Brochure