Artisan Collection By James Hardie®

Artisan Collection by James Hardie

There’s lots of siding options out there. But there are none as luxurious and elegantly crafted as the Artisan Collection by James Hardie. The Artisan Collection is specifically cultivated with the sophisticated homeowner in mind and has the ability to create a high end, polished look for any type or style of architecture. This top of the line collection features stunning lap siding and trim characterized by deep shadow lines, extra thick boards, and authentic cedar profiles. These factors and more make Artisan Lap and Artisan Accent Trim the premier exterior design products for luxury homes.

Beautiful, High Performance Siding

Once you reside your home with Artisan lap siding and trim, don’t be surprised if people stop and stare at your doorstep. The Artisan Collection is hard to look away from. Beautiful on the outside and structurally sound within, Artisan Lap siding and Artisan Accent Trim are every homeowner’s dream. Artisan Lap siding and Artisan Accent Trim are created with an authentic looking cedar exterior that’s built from high performance fiber cement, making them both extremely beautiful and weatherable.

Artisan Siding & Trim Products

A beautiful home is more than just a building. It’s a monumental piece of art, one that must be crafted with exceptional care and skill as well as the finest materials available. That’s why there’s the Artisan Collection. With Artisan siding and trim products, you can design your home exactly the way you want it down to every last detail and make your mark in traditional home design. Choose from many elegant styles and options including:

Artisan Lap Siding: Characterized by a super smooth appearance and extra thick boards, Artisan Lap Siding delivers the beauty of traditional wood without the hassle of high maintenance.
Artisan V-Groove Siding: With an appearance that mimics grooved siding to absolute precision, Artisan V-Groove Siding is a much more durable and weather resistant option than traditional cedar products.
Artisan Accent Trim: Designed to complement Artisan Lap and V-Groove Siding, Artisan Accent Trim is the final touch to make your home design complete.