HardieTrim® Boards

HardieTrim Boards

HardieTrim boards are the perfect complement to your new James Hardie siding. While residing your home is a great first step for an exterior remodel, placing trim and accents are the elements that make a design come together and look complete. HardieTrim boards are specially created to match James Hardie siding products and are a great way to bring out and enhance the architectural features that make your home unique. Add Rustic 4/4 or Rustic Grain Batten to give your home a cozy, inviting look or opt for the elegance of Crown Moulding and Smooth Batten for a refined, sophisticated appearance. Whatever you choose, HardieTrim boards are a sure way to create a look you love to come home to.

Features of HardieTrim Boards

HardieTrim boards bring all the elements of your home’s exterior together in a unique, charming way while also offering durability and weather protection. HardieTrim boards exhibit many wonderful qualities and features including:

Top notch warranty: All HardieTrim products come with a limited, non prorated 15 year warranty.
Weather protection: HardieTrim fiber cement products are resistant to moisture and impact, meaning that they will not warp, crack, or deteriorate over time.
Pest resistance: Unlike wood or cedar, HardieTrim is extremely resistant to pests including wood eating insects and birds.
ColorPlus Technology: ColorPlus Technology keeps your home looking beautiful and vibrant for years.

HardieTrim Board Options

There’s nothing boring or run of the mill about decorating your exterior with HardieTrim. HardieTrim is available in a wide range of colors and options so you can get creative with your design and have fun doing it too. Choose from many exciting styles and choices including:

4/4 Rustic: 4/4 Rustic Boards are manufactured with a grained texture that makes them resemble natural wood.
4/4 Smooth: 4/4 Smooth Boards offer versatility as well as simple, elegant beauty.
5/4 Smooth: Simple and clean, 5/4 Smooth Boards make a beautiful addition to any home exterior.
Smooth Batten: Smooth Batten Boards create a contemporary look and are great for modernizing historic homes and remodels.
Rustic Grain Batten: Rustic Grain Batten Boards bring the beauty of the outdoors straight to your doorstep with a natural wood grain appearance.
Crown Moulding: Crown moulding is a great way to accent the best features of your home and draw attention to height and texture.