Redesigning your home’s exterior can be exciting, but also challenging. Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions that homeowners have to make is what kind of siding to choose for their exterior renovations. You want to choose styles and colors you enjoy, yet at the same time, do right by your home. You want all your design choices to come together to create a cohesive look rather than clashing with one another. That’s why we love James Hardie Magnolia siding for Loveland homes. Below, we’ve discussed the benefits of this beautiful siding collection from James Hardie in detail.


What Is the James Hardie Magnolia Collection?

The James Hardie Magnolia Collection was specifically designed to simplify the process of residing your home. It consists of a suite of exterior colors, styles, and textures that have been specially curated by expert designer Joanna Gaines. Joanna and her husband Chip are the owners of a design business called Magnolia Homes, which is based in Waco, Texas. By choosing the Magnolia Collection, homeowners get the peace of mind knowing that their home is protected by James Hardie’s durable fiber cement siding and can also enjoy an elegant, designer look.


Simplifying the Home Design Process

The James Hardie Magnolia Collection features a suite of sixteen designer-curated colors for homeowners to choose from, each of which were specifically chosen for the purpose of complementing one another. The collection also includes four different textures and a handful of siding styles.

Pairing down the number of choices simplifies the decision-making process for homeowners. This alleviates a lot of stress and also ensures that the end result is aesthetic and timeless.

You can learn more about the collection by reading this brochure: James-Hardie-Magnolia-Home-Siding-Loveland


Get James Hardie Magnolia Siding in Loveland

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