Top Five Most Valuable Home Renovations

One of the most important factors homeowners consider when they choose to remodel is whether or not their projects will truly add value to their home. This year’s Remodeling Cost V. Value Report provides some great inight Colorado homeowners, and we want to share with you some of the best choices for updating your home that will add instant equity while adding the style and functionality that you’ve always wanted.

5: Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows Replacement windows are one of our most popular home improvement projects. Replacing out of date windows can make a huge difference in the energy efficiency of your home, as well as the overall style.  Home owners generally choose between vinyl replacement windows and wood replacement windows. This year’s report allows homeowners to rest easy knowing they have made the right decision with this upgrade; it has an estimated return on investment of up to 71 % for vinyl windows, and up to 73 % for wood windows.  Average equity increase 71.5 %. Read More about our Vinyl Replacement Windows.

4: Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Choices
Vinyl siding is one of the most affordable options for residing your home, and with a great return of 71.9 %, you’ll be thrilled with your purchase. Vinyl siding offers an extremely high level of insulation to help lower your energy costs year-round. Another feature of vinyl siding is that it never needs to be painted.  Vinyl siding can be an excellent choice for low to mid-range homes across all Colorado neighborhoods.  Read more about Vinyl Siding.

3: Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen RemodelBoth major and minor kitchen remodels landed on the list this year.  A minor kitchen remodel usually means making some noticeable changes without breaking the bank. You may change the faces of your cabinets and drawers and add new hardware, or replace a couple of the major appliances with energy efficient models. This type of renovation can have a return on investment of up to 76 %, increasing the value of your home largely while you create an even more loved kitchen in your home.  On the other hand, creating your dream kitchen with a major renovation also offers a great value increase for your home, giving you a healthy return of up to 68 %. Average equity increase 72 %. Read more about kitchen remodels.

2: Entryway Door Replacement

Stained Glass Entryways
Replacing your entryway door is one of the best ways to increase the curb appeal of your home, and it’s a beautiful addition whether you’re planning on selling soon, or not for many years. Steel doors in particular are one of the most affordable options, especially for first time buyers, and they offer a high return on investment at 85 %. Fiberglass entry doors are a more popular option in mid-range homes because they can be made to replicate the traditional look of wood .   They offer homeowners up to a 65 % return.  If you really want to upgrade the curb appeal of your home, consider a grand entrance with sidelights simililar to the photo shown above.  This is obviously the more expensive option with average price tag nationally of $7,088, but still offers a great equity increase at 63 %, not to mention value of an amazing first impression.   Average equity increase 74 %. Read more about entryways.

1: Fiber Cement Siding – 79.3 % Returns

Fiber Cement SidingFor the 8th year in a row, fiber cement siding gives homeowners the best ROI. Fiber cement is our most popular option for Colorado homeowners looking to reside. Fiber cement offers excellent insulation, little to no maintenance, and unbeatable strength. This option also offers some of the most beautiful style and color options available today, with a baked-on finish to ensure that it really lasts through our harsh weather. This upgrade can give you a return of 79.3 %, and gives your home an incredible curb appeal. With such a high return on investment, fiber cement is great upgrade to Denver homes.  The average costs for Fiber Cement installation on a home is $13,083 (2000 square foot home).
Read more about fiber cement James Hardie Siding.

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