At Scottish Home Improvements, we pride ourselves in being Denver’s most trusting siding contractor. Since we began business fifteen years ago, we’ve worked hard to make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with their experience as well as the results of their residing project. Part of the way that we do this is by staying up to date on advances in the home improvement industry and utilizing the technology that’s available to us like the James Hardie HOVER app.

Our Experience with HOVER

We started using the James Hardie HOVER app years ago when we had caught wind of its incredible capabilities. Other siding contractors had left glowing reviews about the app on the James Hardie site so we decided to test it out for ourselves. What we found was that the HOVER app not only allowed us to produce more accurate measurements, it also resulted in a better experience for our clients.

Having more precise measurements allowed us to better estimate how much siding would be needed for a project which in turn allowed us to provide a more accurate bid. We found that our clients were pleased to discover that the actual costs in the end were extremely close to the estimate we provided them in the beginning.

About the James Hardie Hover App

So what is the HOVER app and how does it work? The HOVER app actually does a couple of interesting things that benefit both siding contractors and homeowners. It’s designed to provide siding contractors with better measurements and give homeowners a better visual of what their home will look like when it’s completed.

How it works is that we visit you onsite and using the HOVER app, take a couple pictures of your home. The app then creates a 3D rendering of the home which can be used to adjust exterior design elements. Users can interchange elements like their windows and the color of their siding to get a 3D visual of what their home will look like.

Learn More About Denver Siding Technology

The HOVER app is just one of the many examples of the reason we stand behind James Hardie products. James Hardie has proven themselves a leader in the home improvement world with innovations like this as well as their century long commitment to excellence. If you’re interested in learning more about HOVER or our siding design process, please contact our office. One of our staff members will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.