If you’re considering residing your home or are recently in the process of new home construction in Denver, you may be wondering what type of siding will be the best choice. We recently consulted our team of home improvement experts on the matter and the insight they provided gave us enough information to put together this quick guide for Denver homeowners on the best siding choices for Colorado’s unpredictable climate.


Denver’s Guide to Home Siding Options

In Denver, where homes are susceptible to experiencing major wear and tear caused by the winter storms, rain, high altitude heat and sunlight, and even pests and wildlife, having the right siding is absolutely crucial as it could mean the difference between thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement. Here are some of the most popular choices:

Cedar/wood siding: Cedar and wood siding is extremely popular in Colorado, especially in mountain area homes and cabins. Unfortunately, while this choice may be aesthetically pleasing, it is susceptible to rot and requires a high level of maintenance.

Steel siding: Steel siding is best known for its durability as it is generally waterproof and fire resistant. It can be dented with a lot of effort, but otherwise holds up pretty well. Steel siding generally has a more modern look and if you have older architecture, it could ruin the historic look of your home.

Stucco siding: Stucco siding is an incredibly energy efficient option, especially for homes that receive a lot of sunlight during the day. Stucco siding can be more difficult to maintain, but there are great stucco alternatives out there like James Hardie Fiber Cement stucco panels.

Vinyl siding: Vinyl siding is a very popular choice for rentals and remodels because it’s economical and generally aesthetically pleasing. While it may be a more affordable option, vinyl siding can be easily dented or damaged, especially by hailstorms which are not uncommon in Denver.

James Hardie Fiber Cement: James Hardie is perhaps one of the most well known names in siding. The company has a proven track record of creating siding products that not only last, but are also beautiful. James Hardie Fiber Cement siding is, in our opinion, the best choice for Denver homes. It’s fade and rot resistant and it’s available in a wide range of colors and textures.

Denver’s Home Siding Experts

Not sure what type of siding is the best choice for your home? Get advice from an expert. Call Scottish Home Improvements, Denver’s premier siding contractor, to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Scottish Home Improvements. In 2002, Martin became inspired to start his own siding company after he had a negative experience with a local contractor. His goal was to set a new standard for the industry by providing excellent customer service. Today, Scottish Home Improvements is the top Elite Preferred James Hardie contractor in the state of Colorado. Over the years, Martin's company has received numerous awards and recognitions including 12 consecutive gold stars and an A+ Rating from the BBB as well as the James Hardie President's Club Award.