Most homeowners are always thinking of ways they can improve their homes. I want to share
with you a home improvement that has a minimal cost, but will have a huge curb appeal for
your money. I’m talking about entryways.

Why might you want to remodel your entryway? It could be dark or cramped. It could be boring and basic. It might be the first step to a remodel of an older home. You might have gotten a new job that requires entertaining or seeing clients at home, and you want to be sure your home makes a fantastic first impression. And after all, the first thing guests always see is the entryway. So why not make sure your is really eye catching and appealing?

The first place to start with an entryway remodel is your front door. Is it time for a new one? Steel, fiberglass, or the traditional wood? Perhaps a beautiful carved wooden door? Or what about a door with a glass panel that can have custom stained glass added to it? If you are going that route, can we suggest matching stained glass sidelights?

How about the lighting in your entryway? Is it enough? Is it modern and appealing? Along with your new door, Scottish Home Improvements can also revamp the lighting, adding motion activated lights, stained glass fixtures, or embedded lighting all the day down your walk, making sure you never find yourself stumbling around in the dark again.


Many of our clients have never really considered remodeling their entryways. The assume it will be a large expense, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. And the value added in aesthetics to your home will definitely be worth it if you ever decide to sell.

For some inspiration, take a look at our entryway photo gallery and get some ideas as to what we have done for previous clients. And then, imagine one of these stunning custom entryways in your home! Imagine pulling up in front of your house after a hard day at work, and having an entryway that gives you a beautiful and inviting “welcome home.” Imagine your guests seeing your home for the first time.

The entryway needs to make a positive impression, because that tells visitors your level of taste, class, and care for your home immediately. Now, we can’t help you with the landscaping, but for anything else entryway related, we hope you will give us a call. We would love to discuss entryway remodeling options with you, and more than that, we would love to earn your business!