My idea of siding style is completely different from my neighbor’s, although we have the exact same house. When my neighbor redid his siding last year with James Hardie Siding, the first thing I noticed was how much more expensive and updated-looking it made his home. He chose a deep dark red siding, almost a wine color, with bright white trim. It looked phenomenal; I have to admit, but a bit too dark for my personal tastes. Luckily, Hardie siding comes in several different styles and colors so no matter what style or color you like, there is something for everyone.

We are not just neighbors, but friends. When it comes to color schemes, we have completely different ideas for both the inside and outside of our homes. When I decided I needed a siding upgrade as well this year, I also turned to James Hardie Siding, and was delighted to see the range or colors and styles that their highest-quality fiber cement siding is available in.

I wound up going with the Hardie Shingle Siding, which has a natural, cedar shingle look and feel without the rotting, cracking, or splitting issues that plague wood. So our two exact same homes look entirely different, and reflect our varying and different tastes and styles
But I’d have to say, one thing we completely agree upon is the quality of James Hardie siding. Built to last, engineered to withstand Colorado’s climate of extremes, and non-flammable, this product seemed like the perfect choice among all the different sidings available today.

For starters, neither my neighbor or I want to do any maintenance on our siding. Once it’s installed, we want it to be all but impervious to the crazy hail storm’s and heavy gusting winds we’ve been getting for the past few years. And if there is one thing we don’t want, it’s to have to have our siding repainted to keep it looking good.


Especially with mine, which is the cedar shingle look, James Hardie Siding was a revelation.

Unlike traditional wood shingles, which dry out, split, warp, peel, and need fairly frequent repainting to look good, the James Hardie siding does not dry out. It does not split, warp, or peel. Termites won’t eat it and woodpeckers won’t peck it. (They’d have a very sore beak if they tried!)

And like all of their fiber cement siding products, it’s made with their patented ColorPlus Technology, which means the color is basically baked in, and warranted for up to fifteen years.

My neighbor and I are agreed. Our new James Hardie siding is one of the best home improvement products on the market, and ranked highest in terms of overall home improvement ROI, even above adding a new bathroom to a home.

Is your home ready for new siding? Are you wondering which one might be the best investment for your money and the most durable and efficient for your home? Call us at Scottish Home Improvements today.