Replacement Windows of Every Type & Style

Let light into your home and enhance your architecture with a new replacement window from Denver’s trusted general contractor, Scottish Home Improvements. When it comes to window styles, we carry the largest selection in Colorado and can even provide custom manufactures. No matter what style or specification of window you need, we have the skill and experience to provide the perfect fit for your home.


Single Hung Windows

Simple yet elegant, single hung windows offer an aesthetically pleasing and economical solution for window replacement. Single hung windows have a top stash that is fixed in place are are less susceptible to air gap problems.  Learn More


Double Hung Windows

For easy maintenance and ventilation, opt for double hung windows. In double hung windows, both the top and bottom sash are operable. This allows you to open either the upper or lower part of your window to suit your comfort and facilitate easy cleaning. Learn More


Casement Windows

Casement windows are attached to the frame by hinges on the side. This design allows them to fully open and catch side breezes. Casement windows close tight, making your home secure and energy efficient.


Single & Double Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows are opened by sliding an operable sash towards the center of the window. In single sliding windows one sash is fixed and in double sliding windows both sashes are operable. Sliding windows provide expansive views and abundant natural light.


Garden Windows

Garden windows allow you to bring the beauty of nature into your home by providing the perfect shelf for plants, flowers, and herbs. Garden windows feature a large top pane that lets in abundant sunlight and are fitted with operable side panels that facilitate easy ventilation.


Bay Windows

Open up your home to more space and light with beautiful replacement bay windows. Bay windows are a set of three or more windows that are built to project outward and away from the exterior wall. Bay windows are popularly used to enhance outdoor views or create small seating areas.


Bow Windows

Bow windows typically consist of five to seven windows that are set at angle to create a curved effect in the glass. Bow windows can be wrapped around the corner of a building or placed in another area of your homes to expose outdoor views or even create seating space.

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