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Historic Home Restored with Milgard Essence Replacement Windows

If you’ve ever visited the southern part of Arizona, then you’re probably familiar with the city of Tucson. Tucson is one of the oldest cities in the state and even existed some one hundred years before Arizona became a U.S. territory. As is such, historic architecture lies in abundance within the city. And many of these historic buildings are homes that families continue to live in today.

This was the case with this historic home belonging to an elderly member of the community. However, due to the homeowner’s age, the home had not received the necessary upkeep and maintenance it needed to maintain its structural integrity. When the home began to show series signs of degradation that quickly became safety issues, the homeowner’s family reached out the the City of Tucson for help with preserving the property.

When professionals arrived on the scene, it was clear that there was a lot of work that had to be done. There was considerable damage to the roof, a nonfunctioning bathroom that needed a replacement toilet and bathtub, and there was also an incredible amount of lead in the paint on the walls and windows of the home. Furthermore, most of the windows in the home were either boarded up or simply inoperable.


That’s why Milgard teamed up with the City of Tucson and Chicanos Por La Causa to assist with the remodel. It was clear that replacement windows were necessary, but they had to maintain the historic appearance of the home in order to meet guidelines. That’s what made Milgard Essence windows the perfect solution. Milgard Essence windows have a fiberglass frame on the outside and have a wooden frame on the inside. The wood look would help preserve the historic appearance of the home and the strong fiberglass exterior would protect the home from the elements.

After the renovation was complete and all windows were replaced, the homeowner was filled with joy. She could continue to stay in the house she had lived in all her life without worrying about her safety or the safety of her family. Her family could visit more often and life would be much more enjoyable for her all around.

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