Heidi was outstanding about helping us with design and color choices.

The office communications were excellent. Speed was not an issue for us as much as the quality of the end product and that was superb. We had two added work orders and both those were well coordinated.

Clearly Javier met all our expectations as far as taking care of any issues and in getting the project completed. Even things they were skeptical about being able to do were all taken care of. The quality and customer satisfaction is beyond our expectations.

I couldn’t imagine this being done more perfectly. The response to any issues of detail were taken care of in short order and the work is flawless.

WOW! How could this have looked better? That is the bottom line. The crew really knew how to do each of their jobs and it was always cleaned up at the end of the day.

I would have been glad to put a yard sign out as we had a number of neighbors ask about who was doing the work and I passed along the information. Your best advertising is a fully satisfied customer and we fall into that category.

Erbine, Mason, and Eric were the the real workers and I think they deserve a big round of applause for getting the job done right. Javier was excellent at making sure every detail was attended to with several rounds of fine detail attention at the end. Several others were here off and on and I didn’t get their names but clearly have every confidence in the craftsmanship and reliability of the three lead workers.

If you want perfection on your siding, look no further. The quality of the workmanship met and exceeded all our expectations. If you are looking for design concepts, their design specialist was extremely helpful in guiding our decisions. I wouldn’t hesitate to have them back for any job on my house.

Steven Arnold - October 13th, 2014